DoomBuggy Productions has teamed up with E-Ticket Radio to bring you the sounds of Disneyland 24 hours a day!

Enjoy the sounds of a day at Disneyland. E-Ticket Radio lets you listen in on attractions from the past and present, as well as the entertainers, and ambient sounds that add so much to Disneyland.  With repeat visits you'll notice seasonal changes and an expanding library of music and attractions.  If you don't hear your favorite today it will probably be added to the play list soon.  Of course listener contributions are always welcome.  The 100 Years of Magic celebration at Walt Disney World inspired the creation of this station.  Since then the station has continued to grow.  As we approach Disneyland's 50th birthday you're invited to help celebrate with E-Ticket Radio and spend some time in Walt's original theme park, Disneyland.
Technical Notes:

This broadcast uses "Streaming Audio" which means there is no downloading... things will start playing immediately. To listen, you will need the following:

Pentium PC or above

56kbps Internet connection (or higher)

Sound card and speakers

Once you click on the "Play E-Ticket Radio" link, you will be transported to our streaming partner Live365 which will then give you an option to install the Live365 player which we recommend for your highest quality listening pleasure.  Since the station is streamed over the internet, it is subject to occasional interference and drops in audio due to internet traffic or use of your computer. The higher the speed of your connection and the more processing power you have, the better.  We have been able to listen just fine on a standard 56kbps dial up connection.