Where would you like to go?
Welcome to this installment of At Home Imagineering brought to you by those fabulous folks at Monsanto.  Yes, Monsanto...those wacky scientists that brought us everything from Astroturf to those handy plastic meat trays at the super market!
Seriously though folks, years ago Monsanto brought us all sorts of interesting attractions and exhibits including the All Plastic Home of the Future and Adventure Thru Inner Space.  The Monsanto logo became a recognizable piece of Tomorrowlands history.  Aside from the Monsanto logo, the thing that really stuck out in my mind about the Inner Space (now Star Tours) building were the intricate designs in the metal plating on the exterior right wall.  The wall was once a bright silver but has since been painted a dull copper color...of course if you really want to see them, the designs in the metal are still there under all that paint.  For this project I wanted to mount the Monsanto sign to a small section of that silver wall...so that's where we'll begin.

Let's Get Started!
The section of wall is created by layering sheets of foam core.  To give the plaque a heavier feel I decided to layer half inch and quarter inch thick foam core.  Once you decide how big of a wall section you want to create, cut the base piece out of the half inch foam.
Next, using quarter inch foam core begin cutting out all the pieces that will create the raised patterns on the wall.  Lay them into place on the base.
Once everything is layed into place, carefully hot glue everything down.  Remember to put about a quarter of an inch in between each piece.  As a rule of thumb, foam and spray paint don't mix!  The paint will eat right through the foam.  Since you'll need to spray paint the foam, cover the entire thing with a heavy coat of acrylic craft paint.  This will prevent the spray paint and the foam from ever touching.
I base painted the wall with chrome paint.  Regardless of what the directions on the can say, let the chrome paint dry for at least twelve hours...it may look dry, but you'll leave permanent fingerprints if you touch it any sooner.  After the FULL drying time I sprayed on a light coat of transparent blue pearl.  This gave the silver wall a light blue sheen.
Click on the image above to download a larger printable version.
Print the Monsanto logo onto a full page sticker sheet and then stick it onto a piece of half inch foam core.
Once the logo has been cut out you can paint the edges black.
The back plate for the logo is a piece of quarter inch foam core glued on top of a slightly larger half inch piece of foam core and painted white.  Once the paint is dry hot glue the Monsanto logo to the back plate, and then glue the whole thing down to the silver wall section...aside from a way to hang it, that's it!

And so now the folks at Monsanto are proud to present the All Foam Chunk O’ Wall!
Wait, that’s not right...At Home Imagineering is presenting this craft project!
My thanks to Atommobiles.com for letting me use images out of their archives to complete this project!