Where would you like to go?
Mesogog and his army of evil mutants have hatched a plan to make you late for the rest of time.  With the help of the Power Rangers and this wall clock...Mesogog's plan will once and for all be foiled!

Let's Get Started!
Start by purchasing one of these inexpensive wall clocks.  This one came from Wal-Mart and only ran me four dollars.  Pop off the clear plastic cover and then carefully remove the hands.  The paper face will slip right out...as long as it's not glued in.  If it refuses to come out...don't panic, just leave it alone.
Measure the old clock face insert, and then print the new Power Rangers clock face in the same size.  I prefer to use photo paper since its a bit thicker then copier paper, and the colors print much brighter.
The clock I used had a raised area on its frame, so I used a red paint marker to accent it.
Click on the image above to download a larger printable version.
Finally, insert the new face, and replace the hands and clear plastic cover.  Pop in a battery and you're all set to join the fight against the evil forces of Mesogog!
Dino Thunder...Power Up!