My name is Patrick Hurd and I’m the creator of DoomBuggy Productions.  I started the site in the hopes of avoiding the things that bothered me most about other sites.  My goal was to create a site that was entertaining to look at and had something that you couldn’t find anywhere else.  Far too often I ran across sites that just rehashed the same news and content that you can find on 15 other sites...and what good is that?  As a child I was
fascinated with Disneyland and immediately began recreating the things I had seen all over the park.  I was constantly making something.  As I got older and developed my skills, my projects obviously improved.  Back when the Disney Stores first opened, I took my camera and shot pictures of several of the 3-D displays that surrounded the store.  One from Fantasia particularly caught my eye, so I decided to recreate it at home in my bedroom.  I was young, and as you can see from the picture, it wasn’t exactly what you’d call spectacular.  But, I made the entire thing myself, wired it for light...and I was very proud of it.  I consider it to be my
first real "At Home Imagineering" project...and perhaps someday I’ll revisit it.  The projects went on through Jr. high and high school, and there were far too many for me to list.  Due to lack of my own work space and much to my mother's horror I destroyed several dining room tables.  I moved out of my parent's house shortly after graduating high school and eventually left California for Oklahoma (I’m still not real sure why I did that).  At any rate, fortune smiled and I found a home with plenty of space and decided to share my projects with other Disney fans...and so and At Home Imagineering were born.  I must have come full circle, because much to my wife Faith's horror, I’m now destroying OUR dining room table.  Besides At Home Imagineering, I’m responsible for creating the vast majority of the graphics you’ll find all over the site.  You can check out some of my other work here.
My all time favorite attractions at Disneyland are the Peoplemover and The Haunted Mansion.
As you can see I’m also a life long Star Wars fan.
But, my all time favorite films have to be the Matrix Trilogy.
And as the writer of the Power Rangers story featured on the site, there’s no doubt that I’m a Power Rangers fan as well!

Now, you may be thinking that I’m the sole person responsible for this have another thing coming.  I am extremely lucky to say that I have a wonderful team of people helping me and I ask that you take a few minutes to read about them as well.  This website is the collaboration of some extremely dedicated and talented people...and I'm proud to call them all my family! 
Faith is an active member of the site doing everything from proofreading my typing, to helping out with just about every At Home Imagineering project she can.  For someone that claimed to have no artistic ability what so ever, she sure seems to keep up with me at the craft table...odd how that works isn't it?  I guess that makes her partially responsible for the destruction of the dining room table.  When we met, she was a Disney fan...make no mistake, but I think I drove her over the edge.  Of course being married to a certified Disney basket case will do that to anyone.  So now, like me, she eats, drinks, and lives Disney
every single day and the best part is...she likes it.  Our three children, Hope, Hunter, and Stewie are heading up that Disney road too!  It's not often that you get to be with someone that wants to take an active interest and a roll in everything you do.  I consider myself very lucky to have met her.

Paul Barrie has been a constant source of help, always ready to jump in and lend a hand with anything I needed.  As
my best friend, he’s also responsible for keeping me on the telephone for up to eight hours at a time...but hey, when you live in different states, what else are you gonna do?  As many of you know, Paul is the creator of the Country Bear Playhouse website.  If
you’ve spent any amount of time there, you know it's the ultimate Country Bears site on the web.  You may have even spotted some of my work while you were visiting.  Now, like me, you may be asking yourself why a Country Bears website uses the domain name  Well, I asked him the very same question and you know what he asked me?  “When do you do most of your work?”  Plus, just doesn’t have the same kick.  Country Bear and Haunted Mansion fans alike will immediately recognize the name Peter Renoudet (now Renaday).  Paul and I had the 
fortune to meet with this Disney legend a short time ago at the Disney Studios, and it was an experience neither one of us will forget.  The next time you pop a copy of The Country Bears into your DVD player, you may want to keep an eye out for Paul...he was an extra in the finale!

Jen is the talented woman behind Madame Leota' s Musings.  When I came up with the idea for the section, I went in quest of a creative writer that was a huge Disney fan...I found Jen.  A point of interest, Jen actually owns one of the original 100 pieces of Eric Robinson's artwork from the 100 Mickey’s show at Disneyland...say hello to “Mickey Number 38”!
At the time I went looking for my writer, Jen was living in Ventura, California.  Oddly
enough, just a few blocks from where I lived when I was in Ventura.  She now resides in Australia where she is going to school.  She is a very talented artist, writer, and photographer
and it's a pleasure having her on board.  If you'd like to find out more about her or see more of her photography you can always pay a visit to her website.
Michael Wolff offers support anywhere needed.  His favorite Disney attraction is the Haunted Mansion and appropriately enough, they share the same birthday of August 9th.  Michael resides in Augusta, Georgia with his wife Fran and two children Hannah & David.  He has coordinated two major Halloween haunted attractions in Augusta, benefiting local chapters of the Boys & Girls Club and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Michael also has experience in special effects including 3-D makeup, masks, and stage props.  He worked for the Disney Stores, Inc. for 12 years and currently operates his own graphic arts and sign business: Phantom Design Services - focusing specifically on specialty and personalized items.
Butch deserves my personal thanks for helping me get the site off the ground and for always being there to offer help whenever I needed it.  When I met him, Butch
and I were both working the graveyard shift at the local Wal-Mart, however, this is not why we started talking.  He and I
are both huge toy collectors and we were both browsing the toy aisle after we had gotten off of work that morning.  That was
all it took to get things rolling.  I had the extreme fortune of becoming acquainted with his parents shortly after and they made me feel like one of the family.  The Erricson’s were right there with me during a very difficult and emotionally draining period of my life, and for that I will be forever thankful.

I also owe a debt of gratitude for all their help to the following: Peter Renaday, Steve Kirkman, Chris Bowman, Dustin Rachuy, Jesse Guiher, Linda and Chuck Erricson, Jim Hill, Michelle Smith, Margie Harshbarger, Michael Tucker, Tasha Ball, Brian Follansbee, Dennis Greenblatt, Tracy Pierce, Brandon Champlin, a list of un-named Disney cast members (you know who you are), and everyone else that has either helped or contributed to DoomBuggy Productions.  In the links section of this site, you’ll also find a list of friends and affiliates that have in one way or another helped out.  Thank you everyone...I couldn’t have done it without you!


Dijana and her family moved from Bosnia to the United States in the year 2000.  Although only in the US for a short time, she speaks English fluently and is even developing a southern accent!  Currently in High School, Dijana is active in the Honor Society, Multi Cultural Club, and Volleyball.  With an interest in Drama and modeling, she fell right into place as the site's “Hostess.”  Of course, she also enjoys doing the “teenager thing” know, talking on the phone, watching TV, listening to hip hop, and hanging out with her friends.  At the moment Dijana is looking into a career in Cosmetology, but in the big picture she sees herself becoming a Psychologist for abused children...a VERY admirable goal in my opinion!  She has a wonderfully supportive family and I have enjoyed the opportunity of spending some time with them and learning about the Bosnian culture.