Shortly after I met Michael Tucker, we discovered that we had a common interest...the Power Rangers.  More importantly, Michael had an idea for a story.  Over the period of several hours, Mike laid down his concept for "When Worlds Collide."  The story interested me to the point that I offered to publish it here at DoomBuggy Productions.  As Mike handed me the first few chapters, I took on the role of editor and art designer, while my wife, Faith, jumped in as the proofreader.

    Michael's concept for the story was not just about the Power Rangers, but introduced elements from other television shows, movies, comic books, and video games into the mix.  After several conversations, it became apparent that while he had a lot of good ideas...he just couldn't make everything mesh into one cohesive story.  To my dismay, he was also losing steam and interest in the project.

    Having plenty of ideas of my own and not wanting to see the story die, I spoke to Michael about the future of the book and he graciously handed things over to me...I've been the story's driving force ever since.  While the spirit of Michael's story is still intact, I've taken things in my own direction and will see this epic story through to it's completion.

    My thanks to the creators of the Power've provided me with great characters and all the inspiration I'll ever need!

Patrick Hurd

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