Chapter 2: Ancient Powers, New Warriors

August 19th, 1995

          As the sun shone through the curtains in Zhane's bedroom, his mother came into his room; "Zhane. wake up dear, your going to miss the bus!" Zhane woke up rather groggily.  He didn't want to go to school, because he didn't want to be the 'new kid.'  He walked into the bathroom, brushed his teeth, then stepped into the shower.  A few minutes later he emerged.  He slowly got dressed, thinking of what a terrible day this was going to be.  Looking into the mirror while combing his brown hair, he sighed...missing 'her.'  He stepped out of the bathroom and into the living room.  Zhane put his shoes on while watching his brother and sister get ready.  If he was one end of the spectrum, they were the other, happy and excited to be going to a new school.  He sighed again, grabbed his bag, and walked out the door hoping to be alone at the bus stop.

          Zhane stood at the curb, stared at the ground, and waited for the bus.  His sister and brother quickly joined him.  The two were all chatty about the 'fun' that they were going to have at their new school.  'Finally, the bus is here,' thought Zhane, wanting to get the day over with before it had even really begun.  He sat down near the front and laid his bag on his lap, sighing some more.  Zhane wondered how many times he would sigh that day, and concluded that many more were to come.

          As the bus pulled into the school parking lot, he waited until all the other kids got off.  Walking up to his locker, he slowly opened it and set his bag inside.  Zhane grabbed the books for his first class, English with Mrs. Cunningham.  He sat in the back of the classroom as the others entered.  Most of the kids talked about their summers, and how much fun they had.  Remembering his own, Zhane closed his eyes fighting the tears which thankfully never came.  He could always hold his own, but first impressions were always lasting, and he didn't want to appear like a wimp.  He decided to keep the wreck a secret, and chose to make the most of his new 'life.'  He smiled for the first time in a long time, realizing that Ali was in a better place now, and then the bell rang for his second class.

          With his Algebra book in hand, Zhane closed his locker.  He hated Algebra, well...math in general...but he was going to try his hardest.  At that same moment Zhane leaned his body to the left, as a water balloon hit his locker with a bang.  Zhane looked down and watched the unbroken balloon as it fell to the ground.  He hackied it up with his foot, and caught it.  Balloon in hand, Zhane turned around to see where it had come from.  He spied two guys, a skinny one dressed in black with black spiked hair, and a spiked collar; he reminded Zhane of a chihuahua the way he was laughing.  Zhane cocked a brow and sized up the other one, a large boy with a tie-dyed shirt, black leather jacket that was obviously the wrong size, and leather gloves.  The boy's hair was brown and slicked back into a ponytail.  The two boys charged, Zhane quickly opened his locker and sidestepped the skinny boy, grabbing his head and shoving it into his locker.  Then Zhane rolled over the boy's back and grabbed the other, larger boy and twisted his arm, making him bend over at the waist in pain.  Zhane promptly broke the water balloon over the boy's head, which had been filled with blue paint.  Zhane laughed slightly as the paint ran down the boys hair and onto his face.  He then picked up his algebra book and turned on his heel, right into the principal's face.  Wide-eyed, Zhane stammered to say something, but he was caught red handed, and the larger boy blue faced.

          Zhane escaped Algebra only to find himself in Mr. Gorman's office. He fidgeted, having never been in any real trouble before.  Mr. Gorman shuffled through some papers and lowered them, looking Zhane square in his eyes.  "Zhane, I know you're new here, and you're record is fairly clean, A's and B's maintaining a GPA of 3.4 or higher in your old school."  Zhane sighed, for the umpteenth time that day. "You seem to be a good kid, but I must punish you for your actions.  Detention after school for the next three days." Zhane said nothing, and just sat there, blinking.  Principal Gorman continued, "Those two boys are Gene and Russell Poole, also known as Bulk and Skull.  They will be serving detention with you, but I must warn you of those two, they are trouble makers...please do not get yourself involved with them...just ignore them."  "Yes sir, I will", said Zhane, who wanted to leave the office and just finish the day. "Welcome to Angel Grove High," said Mr. Gorman with a smile. "I will see you after class."

          Zhane slipped into Algebra class and sat in the only empty seat near the front.  The rest of the day went swiftly, and after school he went to study hall to serve detention.   Sitting there, with Bulk and Skull in the back of the room throwing spit wads at him, he silently tried to do his homework while Mr. Gorman read a Field and Stream magazine.  Looking at the clock, Zhane thought about what he was going to say to his mom, and he realized that as long as he was honest with her, she would understand...maybe.  Zhane laughed quietly to himself, picturing Bulk's blue face and hair.  He put his finished homework away in his bag when all of the sudden the earth started shaking violently.  Bulk and Skull climbed under their desks, as did Mr. Gorman, but Zhane froze.  He had never been in an earthquake before, he was used to hurricanes and tropical storms.  Zhane closed his eyes, listening to Bulk and Skull cry like babies behind him.  He grabbed his desk and white-knuckled it, hearing objects falling to the floor all around him.  Zhane got a weird feeling in his stomach, and suddenly felt weightless...and then the shaking stopped.  He was standing up, and he couldn't hear anything. 

Zhane opened his eyes, to survey the damage and saw that he was somewhere else...

          Zhane looked before him and saw a room filled with computers and monitors, blinking lights, and strange devices all around.  He saw a green tube and what he thought looked like a robot.  He then turned and saw five different suits in glass display cases.  "Ai yi yi" said the robot as Zhane turned and saw four other teenagers appear in front of him in a wash of white light.  "Zordon, the chosen ones are here" said the robot.  The five teens looked confused, as a floating green head appeared in the tube.  "Welcome to the Power Chamber.  My name is Zordon, and this is my robot assistant, Alpha 5" boomed the head. "This can't be real," said one of the boys who was dressed in black pants and a black and white shirt. "Oh, let me assure you that it is," said Zordon, this time in a smoother voice.  "Let me tell you five why you are here", Zordon continued.  "Centuries ago, a great power was created by the gods to balance the forces of good and evil.  At that time, Lord Zedd, was ruling the universe.  The Council of Eltar, my home planet, chose five warriors to bring peace and justice to the universe.  The five young warriors, were granted the powers of the ancient dinosaurs, which at this time, lived in harmony with the Eltarians." Zordon went on, "The Eltarians could control the dinosaurs so to speak and decided to build five machines with myself guiding their construction.  The head of the Eltarian council called them 'DinoZords' in my honor.  The five chosen ones, called 'Morphin' Masters,' harnessed the power of their respective Dinosaur in a coin, so the
power could be summoned only when needed.  Using
their coins, and the power of the 'Morphin' Grid,' I
breathed life into the Zords, making them living
machines, or machina."  Zordon paused, letting this
sink into the young minds of the ones before him. 
The teens waited and listened with eagerness.  "The
Morphin' Masters fought the evil forces of Zedd, and
succeeded in helping the 'innocents' in bringing
balance to the Universe.  Zedd, somehow never aged,
and never died, most likely thanks to a minion of
his...Sorceress Rita Repulsa.  Eventually the Morphin'
Masters captured and sealed Zedd into a chamber...a Nexus, and the Galaxy was at peace."  Zordon again paused, letting the teenagers listen to his story, rather then just hear it.  "With Zedd locked away, the coins of the Morphin' Masters were returned to me to watch over.  But I was growing old, so I sealed myself in this hyperlock time tube, where I would never grow old as long as the seal was intact.  Here, my spirit resided for a long time, with Alpha 5 faithfully watching over me.  Alas, Zedd has now escaped, and I have awoken again.  I am ready to re-activate the powers, and to pass them on to you, the new team of Morphin' Masters...the Power Rangers."  The boy in black laughed and walked away, looking for an exit..."This is insane!  How do you expect us to believe this?"  Zordon's reply was blunt, "I have chosen you five, but if you do not wish to help the innocents of the world, then I will let you go.  I can not, and will not hold you here against your will, but the power is yours...if you choose to accept it."

          Zhane...nervous, but with nothing to lose stepped up, "I've always wanted to help others and this is my shot...I believe your story Zordon."  Zordon smiled and said "Thank you Zhane, I knew I was right to choose you."  Zordon looked at the boy in black. "Adam Park, I know you are a bit skeptical, but let me assure you that if you do this, and do not feel that this is what you are meant to do, then you may back out at anytime." Adam looked at Zordon, "You know my name?" "Of course Adam, I chose you for a reason..." all of a sudden sirens blared in the Chamber, and Zordon's face turned grim. "Zedd has begun his attack on Earth.  He will try to rule it again as he did a millennia ago.  Behold, the viewing screen."  The teens turned to the screen, watching strange gray warriors attack innocent men, women, and children.  They watched in horror as a golden winged warrior destroyed buildings and other landmarks.  They became mortified when the face of Lord Zedd appeared, and heard him say "I am Lord Zedd, Emperor of all that I see!"  The teen's turned to Zordon, "Chosen ones, there isn't much time...the Earth needs your help."

          Adam turned to Zordon, his face serious "Count me in."  A look of sincerity crossed Zordon's face, "Thank you Adam."   "I'll help too," said a young blonde girl.  Zordon nodded,  "Thank you Kat."  "I always wanted to be a superhero," laughed a sheepish young boy in blue overalls and glasses.  "Thank you Billy," said Zordon.  "I go where Kat goes," said a brunette girl. "Thank you Ashley,"  Zordon said.  "I already told you how I feel about it...let's go save the world!" exclaimed Zhane. "Thank you Zhane," said Zordon. "Kat, you will be DinoPink, with the spirit of the Pterodactyl.  Adam, you will be DinoBlack, with the spirit of the Mastodon.  Billy, you will be DinoBlue, with the spirit of the Triceratops, and Ashley, you will be DinoYellow, with the spirit of the Sabre-toothed Tiger.  Zhane," said Zordon, "You have been chosen to be DinoRed, with the spirit of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Rex means king, and you will lead the team of Power Rangers into battle, guide them, and help them," said Zordon. "Thank you Zordon," said Zhane, who held the Power Morpher in his hand.  Zordon quickly explained to  the team how to use their new-found powers, "When it is time, hold the morpher in front of you and say 'It's Morphin' Time!'  This will initiate the morphin' sequence.  Call your respective dinosaurs name to draw their power from the Morphin' Grid.  May the power protect you Rangers".  "Let's do it guys!" cried Zhane. "It's Morphin' Time," yelled the five teens at once.  Lightning in their corresponding colors crackled and surged around them, waiting for the teens to call their respective Dinosaur spirits to be unleashed and harnessed.

"Mastodon!" cried Adam.
"Pterodactyl!" cried Kat.
"Triceratops!" cried Billy.
"Sabre-toothed Tiger!" cried Ashley.
"Tyrannosaurus!" cried Zhane.

To be continued....