Chapter 3: DinoZords, Arise!

          In a flash of white light the Rangers stood in the middle of
the park.  Each Ranger was now wearing a colored uniform
and helmet.  They looked through their visors, horrified to see
several strange gray creatures attacking anyone that happened
to be nearby.  DinoRed looked down at his gloves and
clenched them shut.  He slowly raised his helmeted head and
turned to the other Rangers who were clearly confused as to
what to do next.  DinoRed stepped forward, "We were
chosen...given these new powers to help save the world.
Lets see what they can do!"  "Right!" said the other rangers as
they dashed off to save the innocents.  DinoYellow was the first
to attack the gray freaks.  With a quick spin kick, she sent one
of the creatures flying into a nearby tree and watched in shock
as it shattered like a ceramic pot.  She then leaped backwards
into the air and landed behind another gray monster.  With
lightening speed, she knocked it to the ground and axe-kicked it, watching that one shatter                                                                under her boot.  She looked at her gloves and                                                                          exclaimed, "These powers are awesome!"  DinoBlack                                                              drew his BladeBlaster and transformed it into blade                                                                 mode.  It seemed that he had done this sort of thing                                                                 for years.  He fired off three shots, each one reducing                                                               a goon to dust.  He spun around and held the blaster                                                                across his chest, pretending to blow the 'smoke' from                                                               the barrel.  He stored his weapon, laughing, and ran                                                                off to help DinoBlue.  DinoPink was using her skills as                                                              a gymnast to lure three of the grotesque monsters                                                                    away from a mother and her two children.  She did a                                                               back hand-spring away from the trio of gray goons, and then roundhoused one of the mutants in the head.  She then swept her foot back into a reverse roundhouse knocking the goon to the ground and causing it to explode into powder.  Next, she leapt into the air and did the splits, kicking the other two in the head, one with each foot.  The two gray freaks stumbled back and shattered into nothing.  DinoPink landed in a kneeled position, arms spread and then slowly stood up. "Wow, this is amazing!" DinoPink cried.  DinoBlue was having some trouble with his three goons.  He leapt into the air toward a nearby tree, then using the tree as boost, DinoBlue leapt up and over the trio of ugly goons.  He drew his BladeBlaster and changed it into blaster mode then fired off a few shots at the ground directly in front of the creatures.  The explosion knocked the group of monsters to the ground.  As they disappeared, DinoBlue landed in the spot where they were just standing.  He stored his weapon, and clutching his chest stammered, "These powers are...are..." he searched for the right word, "Morphinominal!" he exclaimed.  He turned and noticed the one last mutant was standing directly in between himself and DinoBlack.  DinoBlue dashed toward DinoBlack.  DinoBlack shouted, "Shall we?"  DinoBlue responded simply with, "Affirmative!"  The Black and Blue DinoRangers leapt at the creature, impacting with it at the exact same moment causing it to explode into a huge cloud of dust.  DinoRed grabbed one of the monsters by it's shoulders and kneed it in the chest, then kicked an approaching goon in the stomach and watched it fly back twenty feet into a wall and shatter on impact.  He then spun around and drew his BladeBlaster, shifted it to blade mode, and eviscerated his last mutant goon.  The goon's two halves disintegrated into dust and mixed with the wind, never to be seen again.

          A winged warrior wearing golden armor stood a
distance away, his arms crossed.  He was laughing
rather loudly and said, "Well well, look what we have Morphin' Masters!".  DinoBlack sneered
within his helmet, "That's an awfully deep subject for
such a shallow mind...we're the Power Rangers!"
"Power Rangers eh?  Lets see what you've got!" said
the golden warrior, who now brandished a golden
sword in his right hand.  The five Rangers drew their
BladeBlasters and converted them to blade mode in
unison.  They ran at the mutant, who used his sword
with amazing precision and had the team on their
backs, stomachs, and knees in no time.  "Is that all you've got?" asked the monster as the Rangers struggled to stand up.  "Then my Putty Patrollers should be able to finish the job...Putties, attack!" roared the creature.  The Black, Yellow, Pink, and Blue DinoRangers stood to attack the putties as DinoRed dashed toward the winged warrior, his blade drawn.  As the two clashed edges, sparks flew in every direction.  The creature grabbed DinoRed by the neck and threw him through the air.  DinoRed landed on the ground with a thud and used his blade to push himself up.  DinoRed got into a defensive stance and waited for the mutant to make his next move.  The winged freak pointed his sword at DinoRed, "Red Ranger, this is your last battle...I am Goldar, and I never lose!"  DinoRed looked at Goldar through his visor for something...anything, a weak point or underbelly of sorts.  Seeing none, he thought that his small blade may not do the trick.  Just then, a sword schematic appeared in the left hand corner of his visor.  DinoRed held out his left hand and cried, "TyrannoSabre!" In a red flash, the long sword that the Red Morphin' Master once wielded appeared.  Now double armed, DinoRed ran at his opponent spinning both blades at once...Goldar blocked every attack with ease.  Goldar dashed backwards and got into a classic defensive stance, "An excellent bad for you I'm better."  DinoRed converted his BladeBlaster back to blaster mode and fired off three shots.  With his sword, Goldar deflected the blasts back at DinoRed who barrel rolled over the first one, and somersaulted under the second.  The third however, hit him squarely in the chest.  DinoRed flew in one direction, his TyrannoSabre in the other.  His sword landed in the dirt blade down.  He stumbled to get up as the other Rangers came to help him.  "Rangers, I can't hit this guy for nothin'!" said DinoRed as he grabbed his sabre.  As DinoYellow and Blue helped him up, another blueprint showed up on the left side of his visor.  With the combined weapons of the other Rangers, they could form the DinoBlaster.  "Rangers!  Summon your weapons!" cried DinoRed.  Adam looked at his visor and saw the MastodonAxe.  He held his hands out and cried "MastodonAxe!"  He quickly converted it to shotgun mode, and fired a shot off at Goldar, which struck him, making him fall to one knee.  Kat saw her PteraBow in her visor and summoned her weapon.  Pulling back the Bow string, she fired a volley of arrows at Goldar, which also met their mark.  Billy saw his weapon, the TriceraLance, and summoned it too.  Once in hand, DinoBlue split his Lance in two, and fired off shots from the ends at Goldar.  As Goldar struggled to get up, he fell back down as Blue Energy struck his chest.  Ashley saw her Sabre-TigerDaggers, and summoned those as well.  She twirled them in her hands and fired the ends at Goldar, who again fell down on one knee.  Through labored breathing, Goldar laughed weakly.  "All right team, lets finish him off!  Let's bring them together!" cried DinoRed.  The Rangers quickly assembled the DinoBlaster, and in unison, cried "Fire!"  Ranger colored energy shot from the Blaster and hit Goldar, who flew backwards and landed on his side.  He rolled in the dirt and when he stopped, he didn't fact he didn't even try to get up.  Zhane scanned Goldar's vitals with his visor, and saw he was dead.  From behind his red helmet, Zhane's face developed a worried look.  Though not sure of what he just did, he kept this emotion to himself.  He then turned to congratulate the other Rangers.

          In the Power Chamber, Alpha 5 cheered and Zordon half smiled, but something told him it wasn't over yet. . .

          ...On the moon, Zedd slammed his fist down on the railing of his observatory and yelled, "Rita! GET IN HERE...NOW!"  "Yes, Lord Zedd.  How may I service you?" replied a timid Rita.  "Revive Goldar now, and make him GROW!" screamed Zedd, as he walked away to sit on his throne.  Rita, using her staff, chanted a spell to revive and enlarge Goldar. 

          Back on earth in Angel Grove park, the five rangers cheered and high-fived one another.  Ashley was the first to notice that Goldar was now floating in a golden light.  She got the other Rangers' attention and stammered, "Guys, uhh...I think we have a problem."  Zhane looked through his visor, and saw the same thing Ashley and the other rangers saw.  "His vitals are back, and it appears he is enlarging at in incredible rate!" cried Billy.  "Aww man, that dude is huge!" cried Zhane.  At once, a blueprint for the DinoZords appeared in his visor, and Zordon spoke to him telepathically,  'Zhane, you must summon the DinoZords.  They will aid you in your time of need.'  "Right Zordon!" said Zhane.  "What is it Zhane?" asked Kat.  "Zordon told me that we need to summon the DinoZords!" said Zhane.  "Ok, let's do it then", said Adam.  The Ranger team held their hands to the sky and cried, "DinoZords, Arise!"

In the cold Arctic, a large snow bank started to move as the MastodonZord rose from the snow.  Shaking itself off, it charged through the snow, its trunk blowing snow and ice as it raced to the summon of the Black Dino Ranger.

In Venezuela, a volcano erupted as the PterodactylZord flew out of the molten lava and ash.  Screaming while barrel rolling, it flew to the aid of DinoPink.

In the sands of the Sahara, a giant dune moved as the TriceratopsZord rose and shook itself off.  The tank treads of the Triceratops wheeled swiftly across the sand to help DinoBlue.

In the jungles of Guatemala, a Sabre-toothed Tiger sprinted through the flora and fauna of the rain forest, and with incredible speed, the Sabre-Toothed TigerZord leapt from a cliff, answering the call of the Yellow Dino Ranger.

And...the earth shook violently, columns of fire and magma shot from the crevice as the TyrannosaurusZord rose from the ground, growling with a controlled ferocity, going to the summon of DinoRed.

          Meanwhile, the gigantic Goldar was trashing buildings and towers.  His care for innocents was not there.  He mindlessly destroyed homes and factories, so that his Lord, Zedd, would have a new place to rule the galaxy from.

          The five DinoZords arrived in unison, and ran together to answer the summoning of the Rangers.  DinoRed turned to see the Zords and quickly leaped into the TyrannosaurusZords cockpit.  The other Rangers followed suite and entered their respective Zords.  Billy was the first to fire his Zord's weapon at Goldar, which he blocked with his sword, and then kicked the Triceratops.  He laughed wildly as he watched it barrel roll across the city, knocking over trees and buildings.  "Whoa!  This is making me dizzy," cried Billy.  The PterodactylZord flew in low to attack Goldar, who swatted at it with his sword, hurling it in the opposite direction. The Pterodactyl crashed into and became ensnared in some power lines.  The Mastodon moved in "Let me at him" said Adam.  The MastodonZord fired ice and snow which Goldar dodged, and instead froze the Sabre-toothed TigerZord.  "It's getting a bit cold in here!" cried Ashley.  Zhane piloted the TyrannosaurusZord straight at Goldar, swinging its tail. Goldar promptly grabbed it and swung the King Zord around in the air, letting it hit the Mastodon.  Giant Goldar stood there, with the five fallen Zords around him.  He crossed his arms and began laughing loudly.  Then mockingly in a sing-song voice, he said, "Five fallen Rangers, all in a row!"  DinoRed struggled to get his Tyrannosaurus up.  Once his Zord was standing, Zhane fired a blast from its mouth at the ground, which erupted towers of molten lava in a line until it hit Goldar.  The force of the blast sent Goldar flying through the air and he landed on his back.  His sword went in the other direction and landed out of his reach.  "Strike!" yelled Zhane with his fist clenched out in front of him.  Now recovered from Goldar's attack, the other Zords moved into position beside the TyrannosaurusZord.  "All right guys, let's see what these Zords can do.  Lets bring them together!" said DinoRed.  Removing his coin from his morpher buckle, he drew energy from it forming a red crystal.  The other four did the same, making a crystal of their own color.  The Rangers each placed the crystals into a slot in the center of their control panels.  Zhane shouted the command "DinoMegaZord sequence, initiate!"  A computerized voice replied, "DinoMegaZord sequence has been initiated."  The Zords transformed and combined, with    the Sabre-toothed Tiger and Tricertops as legs, the Mastodon as                                              arms, the Pterodactyl as the chest plate, and the Tyrannosaurus                                              as the torso and head.  "DinoMegaZord, activated." finished the                                               computer voice.  The Rangers, now all in the same cockpit,                                                     piloted the MegaZord over to Goldar and picked him up.  The                                                  MegaZord delivered three sharp punches to Goldar's stomach.                                                 Goldar stumbled back and looked for his sword.  Not finding it, he                                           fired at the DinoMegaZord with red beams that shot from his eyes.                                           Zhane, remembering Goldar's counter attack from earlier, told                                                 Adam to raise the Mastodon Shield.  The shield deflected the                                                  beams right back at Goldar, knocking him down.  "Good call                                                   DinoRed!" said Adam.  "Let's finish this creep once and for all,"                                               said Ashley.  The five held up their right hands to the sky.                                                       "DinoSword, descend!" the quintet cried.  A huge broadsword                                               broke through the atmosphere with a bang and stuck into the
ground.  The MegaZord grabbed the sword and held it in his hand.  The Rangers quickly began to power it up for the DinoMegaSlash finisher.  Mere seconds before the MegaZord began to swing the sword, Goldar disappeared in a brilliant flash of gold light, saying, "You may have won this time, but you won't get a next!"  The MegaZord lowered its arm and powered down the DinoSword.  Distraught, the Rangers teleported back to the Power Chamber, as their Zords returned to their hidden locations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
          The five stood in the chamber, looking up at Zordon. "Power Down!" cried the five Rangers.  A lightening charge in their respective colors surrounded each Ranger. Their uniforms returned to the display cases, and they found that they had returned to their original clothes.  "Good work Rangers.  I am so proud of you.  This was your first battle...but there will be many more.  I have chosen each of you because you are all unique, and each has an attribute about them that another may not have.  But you all have something that most do not, the ability to help each other as a team.  I told you that if you did not wish to continue this, then you could leave." Zordon sighed and turned to Adam.  Adam smiled, "Zordon, I'll stay...I wouldn't trade this for anything!"  "Thank you," Zordon said as he turned to the others.  "I feel that you will all say the same thing, it was Adam I was worried about." laughed Zordon.  "Oh thanks for the vote of confidence," said Adam.  "The vote was already there when I chose you," said Zordon.  "You are the Power Rangers, and with great power comes great responsibility.  Fight for what is right, defend justice, peace, and love.  Never escalate a battle unless Zedd forces you to and most importantly, keep your identities secret...and may the power protect you."  The five put their right hands on top of one another, with Zhane's on the top...then they all leapt up and yelled "POWER RANGERS!"

To be continued...