Chapter 4: The Dragon Ranger Saga

          Months have passed since our heroes have received their new powers.  The Rangers have defeated each "mutant of the day," as Adam jokingly refers to them...and this has made Zedd furious.  Zedd, Rita, and Goldar sit at a large round table in his Dark Palace on the moon and try to figure out some way to defeat the
meddlesome rangers.  Zedd sits on his throne, holding
his hand to his forehead. "I cannot destroy these pesky
Ranger-brats!" he screamed.  "Master?" said Goldar
carefully.  Zedd sighed, "Yes Goldar?"  "If we can't
defeat the rangers with mutants, then what if we did
it with another ranger?"  Goldar asked.  Zedd's body
glowed a red crimson, "Goldar, that is brilliant!  Fight
Rangers with Rangers!" said Zedd triumphantly. "Glad
I thought of it," said Zedd.  Goldar furrowed his
eyebrows in confusion, but remained silent.  "Now,
we need a coin so we can draw power from Zordon's
precious Morphin' Grid," said Zedd, rubbing his hands together.  "Zordon was the Green Morphin' Master, lets steal his Dragon Dagger and coin, then I could taint it with evil energy!" Rita said excitedly.  Zedd pondered in his mind how to go about this, then he came up with a solution. "I'll use one of his own Rangers to locate and steal the Dragon Dagger," said Zedd, his excitement growing by the minute. "Yes, Lord Zedd, but which one?" asked Goldar.  Zedd stood up and walked to his observation platform.  Looking out over the earth he noticed the Black DinoRanger coaching a youth soccer team at the park.  "I think we found our Ranger," said Zedd, with a grotesque grin behind his faceplate.

          On earth, Adam was coaching his youth soccer team, teaching them throw-in and                                                                        crossing drills.  He showed one boy the correct way to                                                              cross the ball with the outside of his foot.  The alarm                                                                on his stopwatch went off, and he signaled the end of                                                              practice.  "Good work guys.  I'll see you all Thursday,"                                                              he said as he high-fived each kid as they left the field.                                                              As Adam picked up the soccer balls and markers,                                                                     Goldar and a group of Putties appeared before him.                                                                 Before he could react, the putties surrounded and                                                                    grabbed him.  Adam was surprised that creatures                                                                     made of clay could hold him so securely.  Goldar                                                                     pointed his sword at Adam's throat.  Just slightly                                                                       making contact, a trickle of blood ran down the blade. "You will be the downfall of the Power Rangers!" said Goldar, as he and the Putties vanished.  Adam reached for his throat and wiped away the remaining blood.  "Man, what was that all about?" he wondered aloud.  He decided to go to the Power Chamber and tell Zordon what had just happened.  With a bag full of soccer balls slung over his shoulder, he looked around the park.  Seeing no one, he tapped the button on his communicator that teleported him to the Power Chamber.  In a flash of black light, he was gone.

          Meanwhile, Rita was collecting Adam's blood from Goldar's sword.  She dropped the blood into her cauldron.  Rita began to cast a spell so that she could steal Zordon's Dragon Dagger.  As she chanted the incantation, her eyes began to glow a deep purple.  Rita closed her eyes and drank the contents of the cauldron.  When she opened her eyes, she was seeing everything Adam saw, she would control him like a puppet.

          Adam appeared in the middle of the Power Chamber in a wash of black light.  Setting the bag of soccer balls down, he looked up at Zordon.  "I was just attacked by Goldar and his Play-Doh posse."  Alpha noticed his neck, "Ai yi yi,
Adam are you all right?"  Alpha shuffled over to
Adam, with a laser  suture in hand. "Yeah Alpha I'm
fine, Goldar poked my throat with his pig sticker and
then left."  Concern filled Zordon's voice, "This is
quite unusual, we must stay alert.  Adam, let us know
if anything else happens, or if you start to feel any
different."  Alpha finished closing the knick, and
shuffled back to the computers.  Adam snapped his
fingers, "Goldar said I was going to be the downfall
of the Rangers."  As soon as Adam said that, his eyes
glowed purple.  On the moon, Rita made the hand
motion to pull out an invisible Power Morpher...Adam did the same, instead pulling out his real morpher.  In unison, Rita and Adam both said "It's Morphin' Time!"

          Sparks of black lightning surrounded Adam, and as Rita said "Mastodon!" Adam did to, and transformed to the Black DinoRanger.  DinoBlack stood in the Power Chamber and summoned his MastodonAxe. Changing it to Shotgun Mode, he took aim, and shot a ball of black energy at Alpha 5 damaging him severely.  Adam turned and aimed the Shotgun Blaster at the computers and Zordon cried, "Nooo!  Adam!  Don't do this!"  Adam fired a shot at the computers and Zordon faded slowly from his tube, saying, "Adddaaammm.....!"  And with that, Zordon was gone.  DinoBlack returned his Axe back to the Morphin' Grid, and held his arms out in front of him crossed in a X shape.  "DinoBlack, Power Down!"  In a flash, Adam changed back to his teenage form, his eyes still glowing menacingly.  He turned and walked to one of the doors, and headed down a corridor.  He found a door with a Green Symbol on it that looked like a dragon's claw.  He walked through the door and in the middle of the room was a dagger with a flute built into the handle.  He reached for it, but the shield around it kept him from touching it.  He pulled out his morpher and said in an evil voice, "It's Morphin' Time! Mastodon!"  In a flash, Adam once again became DinoBlack.  Drawing his Blade Blaster and shifting it to Blaster Mode, he shot the energy field and watched as the blast ricocheted around the room.  In his mind, he heard a female voice, "What you see is what you get."  Adam closed his eyes behind his visor and reached through, grabbing the dagger.  Dagger in hand, he clutched his morpher buckle and teleported himself to the park.  Goldar appeared, took the dagger, and then disappeared, saying nothing. 

          Rita chanted a few words to break the spell over Adam, wiping his memory clean of the whole incident.  Now powered down, he lay on the soccer field, unconscious.

          Rita pulled the Dragon Coin from the Dragon Dagger, and laid the coin in a small bowl filled with darkwater.  She chanted a few words and the coin absorbed the darkwater, and was filled with evil energy.  The coin now had a darker tint to it.  She held it up, feeling the raw evil energy emanate from it.  Setting the coin down, she now had to search for a worthy recipient.  She went to her observatory and looked through her telescope at earth.

          At Angel Grove high, a young man stood holding a green backpack, and wearing a green bandana.  His long hair was in a ponytail.  He stood outside the school, spray painting the gym wall.  His name was David Truehart, a young boy of sixteen.  He had been in a lot of trouble with the law, and already served a year at a juvenile facility for grand theft auto.  His father, Sam Truehart, thought maybe if they moved away from San Diego to Angel Grove, that he could start a new life, but the boy could never stay out of trouble.  Rita watched as David painted several 'choice colorful metaphors' on the wall of the gym.  The High School's Security guard ran up and grabbed him, then slammed David against the wall.  Rita decided that this boy was the one, and she called for Goldar. "Goldar!" Rita said in a screeching voice.  "I have chosen my Green Ranger," she said, showing Goldar through her telescope.  "Go get him!" she screamed to the winged warrior.  "Your will be done, my Sorceress!" said Goldar as he vanished. 

          Goldar appeared next to the Security Guard and David.  As the Security Guard ran away, screaming in fright, David turned to Goldar, "Nice costume, but Halloween was last month."  "Quiet fool!  My Sorceress has chosen you...come with me now!" boomed Goldar.  "Yeah right, whatever," said David, as he walked away. "Do not walk away from me child!" yelled Goldar.  Goldar appeared before David and grabbed his arm.  David hook heeled Goldar's elbow joint, and using Goldar's hip, he leapt off of it, and round housed the golden warrior square in the jaw.  David landed and stood in a classic defensive posture.  Goldar raised his head and yelled into the air.  He looked back down at the boy, "You have some fire in you kid, you're most worthy of the position that Sorceress Rita has granted you," said Goldar.  He grabbed David's arm again and the two teleported back to the moon palace.

          On earth, the four rangers tried desperately to reach Adam, Zordon, or Alpha.  "He had soccer practice, but that was hours ago," Kat said.  "Let's get to the Power Chamber," said Zhane.  The teens pressed the button to teleport them to the Power Chamber, but nothing happened.  "We could morph to the Power Chamber," said Billy.  Zhane nodded, "Good idea Billy."  The four teens pulled out their Morphers and cried, "It's Morphin' Time!" in unison.  In a flash, the four teens appeared in the Power Chamber.  Zhane looked through his visor, not seeing much due to the darkness.  "Night Vision activate!" he said.  His visor turned green, and he peered through the darkness.  His stomach became sickened at the sight he saw.  Destroyed computers, monitors, and more importantly, Alpha 5 was in pieces.  The other three activated their night vision too, and they also got a sickness in there stomachs.  Billy went to work repairing some of the basic systems in the Power Chamber.  The lights flickered on, barely illuminating the Chamber.  The Rangers removed their helmets and looked around.  "Who could have done this?" asked Ashley.  That's when Zhane saw a bag of soccer balls on the floor.  He put his helmet back on and activated the Infrared Scanner on his visor, but he didn't see any heat signatures except the other Rangers.  He tried X-ray vision, and that didn't work either...all he saw was the skeletons of his other three teammates.  He removed his helmet, and looked around.  Ashley helped Billy, while Zhane and Kat cleaned up some of the mess.  The four teens were worried about Zordon, but remained silent about it, hoping for the best.  Zhane knew that there was nothing that they could do about it until Billy got the computers back online.

          At the soccer field, Adam woke up rather groggily.  The last thing he remembered was soccer practice being over.  He looked at the setting sun, wondering aloud how long he was 'out of it' and then tapped his communicator, but nothing happened.  He then tried to teleport to the Power Chamber, but he couldn't do that either.  Franticly, he searched for his morpher and found it in his pocket.  "Whew," he said, happy to have his morpher.  He slowly stood up and jogged out of the soccer complex to his black Jeep in the parking lot.  He drove off to the Power Chamber. 

          On the moon, Rita took a drop of blood from David and poured it on the Dragon Coin, which it quickly absorbed.  Then holding the coin over a green candle, she squeezed the coin in her hand, and a drop of the coin's alloy, David's blood, and the darkwater dropped onto the candle.  She had just created a failsafe for the Dragon Power, so that if something happened, and he joined the Ranger team, she could light the candle, and when it melted completely, the Green Dragon Power would be gone forever!

          Adam jumped out of his Jeep and climbed up the side of the cliff that the Power Chamber rested on.  Only ones with Power Coins could see or enter the Chamber.  As Adam walked into the main chamber, the other four helmet-less rangers looked at him, asking if he was ok, and if he knew what happened.  "I..I don't know," said Adam.  "The last thing I remember was the kids leaving soccer practice."  Adam noticed the bag of soccer balls on the ground...his face turned white as he realized that he may be the one responsible for the horrible mess in the Power Chamber and Zordon's disappearance.  He hung his head, the feeling of guilt crept over him.  "Adam, this may not be your fault.  Let's not jump to conclusions," Zhane told him in a calm voice.  Adam lifted his head, "Let's try to find Zordon."  "Alpha 5 is good as new," said Billy.  "Ai yi yi, what happened?" the little robot asked.  Zhane kneeled down in front of the robot. "We were hoping that you could tell us that," said Zhane.  "I do not remember what happened," the robot said meekly.  "Alpha, help me find Zordon," said Billy.  "Ai yi yi, sure thing Billy," Alpha said as he walked over to the computers.  The two started working on the search for Zordon when the Power Chamber sirens blared.  "Ai yi yi, there's trouble in Angel Grove, but the computers cannot locate the source," cried Alpha.  "Whatever it is, we'll find it," 'or it will find us,' Zhane thought.  The four picked up their helmets and clutched their Morphers.  "Back to Action!" the four rangers said, and in a flash, they were gone.  Adam whipped his arm around to grab his morpher and in a determined voice he said, "IT'S MORPHIN TIME!"  Adam had started the morphin' sequence, and the harnessed powers waited for Adam to finish..."MASTODON!" he cried, and morphed into the Black DinoRanger.  In a flash, he joined his other teammates to discover what new evil determined the fate of Angel Grove.

To be continued. . .