Chapter 5: The Dragon Ranger Saga, Pt. II

          The Ranger team morphed to the Courthouse lawn.  Each teen looked through their visors, not seeing anything.  Everything was quiet...too quiet as a matter of fact.  Adam was the first to notice the awkward silence, "Guys, I can't even hear any birds."  Kat turned her helmeted head to Adam, then to Zhane.  She put her gloved hand on DinoRed's arm.  "The calm before the storm," she stated to Zhane.  DinoRed nodded, saying nothing.  Though he was the leader of the Rangers, at that moment he was terrified of what may be coming.  He clenched and unclenched his gloved hands, his tension mounted.  Just then, an explosion rocked the courthouse.  The five rangers flew through the air, the shockwave carrying the team to the edge of the curb, and into the road that circled the courthouse.  DinoBlue looked at the gaping hole in the 100 year old building.  He furrowed his brow...his grandfather, Isaac Theodore Cranston, designed that courthouse.  He helped the other rangers up, and

the five looked around to see where the explosion originated.  A warrior stood atop the apex of the bank, wearing the suit of the other Rangers.  The stranger's suit was green, and
he had some kind of golden chest plate covering his torso.  He had a wicked looking dagger
in his hand.  The blade was attached to a flute of some sort.  The Green Ranger crossed his arms, his serpentine helmet was held back as he
laughed menacingly.  "Ha ha ha ha!  Puny Rangers,
more like it!"  Adam looked through his visor and
zoomed in on the dagger, a wash of familiarity came
over him.  DinoBlack dropped to his knees, clutching
his helmet.  The other four rangers surrounded him,
each asking if Adam was alright.  "I did it!  I stole the
Dragon Dagger, and destroyed the Power Chamber!"
cried DinoBlack, tears rolled down his cheeks.  He
punched the road with his gloved hand, leaving a
small pothole where his fist landed.  "That's did, didn't you DinoBlack!  You'll be the downfall of the Power Rangers!" the Green Ranger yelled at Adam.  DinoBlack slowly stood up, his fists clenched at his sides.  "Adam, it's not your fault bro.  You were under Zedd's influence." said Zhane, trying to comfort Adam.  "Oh boo hoo, poor Black Ranger," said the Green Ranger. "I hate to break this little tea party up, but I have a mission to destroy you, the Power Rangers!"  With that said, the Green Ranger phased into Green Energy and phased through each Ranger, seriously hurting each one as sparks flew around them, and they fell to their knees.  The Green Ranger materialized behind the team as they fell to the ground.  Turning to face them, he continued laughing.  "How pathetic," he menaced at the Rangers.  "You're not even worth my time."  He turned on one heel and walked away, in what seemed to be slow motion.  DinoRed lay on his stomach and extended his shaking arm out to the Green Ranger.  Then his arm dropped to his side, and his helmeted head laid down.  The rangers lay in the middle of the street, unconscious.  Moments later, the five were teleported to the Power Chamber, thanks to Alpha.

          At the Dark Palace, Lord Zedd was happier than he had been in a long time.  "I am brilliant!" he yelled.  Goldar sulked in the corner.  The Green Ranger's defeat of the Power Rangers was his idea, not Zedd's.  He was also upset due to the fact that he was Zedd's number one warrior, not this newbie Green Ranger.  He growled low, under his breath.  The only good Ranger is a dead one, he thought to himself.  Rita had a glass of  what might have been champagne, and was drinking some of it with Zedd.  "Those Rangers never stood a chance against my Green Ranger!" exclaimed Zedd.  Goldar left the main chamber and walked out onto the observatory.  He looked down at the Earth, planning his own attack...

          At the Power Chamber, the teens were laying on the MediBeds in the sickbay.  Alpha checked the Ranger's vitals, and except mild bruising and some abrasions, the Ranger's were fine.  Alpha's sub-processors ran at an incredible rate, but he was still unable to discover the solution to bringing the Ranger's Mentor back.  Kat was the first to awaken.  She got up and walked around to check on her teammates.  Alpha desperately searched for Zordon.  Billy tossed and turned, and then woke up with a start...his face pouring sweat.  He wiped his brow with his shirt sleeve, and with Kat helping him, he  put his glasses on.  Weakly, he walked over to Alpha to help the little robot in his search.  Kat walked over and watched the viewing screen, and with a worried look on her pretty face she witnessed the Green Ranger playing a strange song on his dagger.  Then using the absorbed evil energy, he blasted a shot from his dagger, destroying a building.  Kat's eyes filled with tears as she watched the building fall to the ground.  Most of the people in Angel Grove had evacuated already, and she could hear the Mutant Alarm still blaring in the background.  She felt a hand on her shoulder.  As she reached up to touch it...the hand lightly squeezed hers.  A small but comforting reassurance filled her.  She turned and saw Zhane standing there.  Zhane's cheek was bruised rather badly.  She reached out to hold him, needing some comfort.  The Rangers had lost their mentor, the Power Chamber had been ravaged by one of their own, and they had been beaten down badly by another ranger.  Zhane embraced her and slowly and gently rubbed her back.  She started sobbing at an uncontrollable rate, letting her sadness flow onto her leader's shirt.  She had secretly liked Zhane ever since he stepped forward and accepted the DinoRed powers.  His faith in Zordon had helped her believe in the Morphin' Powers.  She sometimes watched him when he was doing his own thing, and her heart would beat rapidly.  She never felt this way before for someone else, and she liked what she was feeling.  There in his arms, she felt safe...for once.  She decided that she would tell him when she had a chance...but other things were happening at the moment that were more pressing.  "We have discovered Zordon's location," said Billy weakly.  Kat walked slowly to where Billy was standing, pulling Zhane with her.  She didn't want to let him go now, or ever she thought.  She looked up with bloodshot eyes at Zordon's green tube.  Zordon's face came into view, then disappeared, and then reappeared.  This act continued while Billy pushed a few buttons on the console in front of him.  Zordon finally came into view.  "Ran...ers!" he boomed.  "Wh..t ha.. happ...ed?" he asked, his voice crackling with energy as Billy continued to try to locate the dimension where Zordon had been pulled to during Adam's attack on the Power Chamber.  Zhane, not wanting to mention that his friend attacked the Power Chamber, had changed the subject.  "Zordon!  A new Ranger has attacked Angel Grove.  He had us on our knees in under five minutes."  Alpha 5 scrambled as fast as his little robot body could to bring up some of the events that happened in the past twelve hours.  Zordon's face turned grim, and then he turned to the three rangers.  "That is the Green Ranger, my Rangers.  His power is five times that of your own.  His power is harnessed from the Dragon, a beast of undecided legend.  Whoever he is, he has been forced to the side of evil.  How this mysterious person got these powers..." Zordon said, and was interrupted by a now-awake Adam.  "Zordon," Adam said...looking at the floor of the Power Chamber.  "I...I believe that I'm the one responsible for the theft of the Dragon Dagger," Adam said rather frightened.  Adam continued to look at the ground.  Zordon looked at Adam with a kind face. "Adam, I am sure that what you have done was not actually you.  Sorceress Rita has the power to manipulate anyone," said Zordon.  "The last thing I remember was you saying that you were attacked by a group of putties, and Goldar cut your neck, then drew some of your blood."  Adam reached for his throat, feeling the small closed wound that the golden warrior had given him hours ago.  "Zordon, I don't remember that," Adam said.  "Rita most likely used your blood in a spell for you to steal my Dragon Dagger, and then had the entire event erased from your memory." Zordon said grimly. "Your Dragon Dagger?" asked Zhane.  Zordon sighed, "I was the Green Morphin' Master," he stated rather embarrassed.  "The Power of the Dragon Coin was forged from the other five, making it's power obviously five-fold," said Zordon.  "The Dragon Coin must have been tainted with darkwater.  The coin is now evil, and is using the power of the Morphin' Grid as it's source of energy."  Zordon continued, "Since the coin is corrupt, the balance of the Morphin' Grid will shift to the side of evil," boomed Zordon.  "Zordon, is there a way that we can turn the coin back to it's original form of good?" asked Adam.  Zordon thought for a moment, "Yes there is Adam, but we need the Dragon Coin, and getting that is going to be a challenge in itself."  Zhane sighed, and hung his head a little.  Kat, still holding onto him, looked at his face with worry.  She stroked his cheek, then wiped a small tear from her leader's face. This was the first time that she had witnessed a sad emotion from Zhane, who was always happy and full of life.  He now looked so defeated.  Zhane looked up at Zordon and said in a voice of blind rage, "We have to get that coin back!"  Zordon told the other Rangers that Alpha would prepare a way to change the coin, while the Rangers attempted to retrieve the Dragon Coin.

          Goldar appeared in Angel Grove's business district.  Standing there with his sword in hand, the auric beast watched the Green Ranger destroy the buildings and landmarks of Angel Grove.  Goldar walked up behind the Green Ranger and just stood there.  The Green Ranger turned around and faced the winged warrior.  The Green Ranger laughed, "You're old news Goldie...yesterday's garbage."  The Green Ranger pointed to himself, "I'm Rita's new warrior, you're just a has been."  The Green Ranger dashed at Goldar with the Dragon Dagger clutched in his right hand.  Goldar ran at the Green Ranger, his sword drawn.  The two warriors clashed blades together, making sparks fly.  Goldar feigned to his left, and swung at the Green Ranger in a downward stroke.  This knocked the Green Ranger backwards, his feet sliding on the asphalt.  When the dust settled, the Green Ranger stood there, with his arms crossed.  "Is that all you got?" the Green Ranger mocked.  At that moment, the five Power Rangers appeared on a roof of a short building, observing the battle in the street below.  The Green Ranger laughed and pointed at Goldar with a gloved hand, "I can beat you without these powers." The Green Ranger held his arms out in front of him and cried, "DragonGreen, Power Down!" In a green light, the Dragon Ranger reverted back to his self.  The five Power Rangers looked down and were surprised to see that a teenager was the evil Green Ranger.  Adam looked through his visor, and zoomed in on the teen. "That's that new kid at the high school."  The five didn't know anything about him, except his name was David.  Zhane's mind raced as he thought of a plan
to get the Dragon Coin.  With David not morphed, it would be
easy to get it, but Zhane wondered if the rebellious teen didn't
have an ace up his sleeve.  Zhane turned to the others, and
quickly explained his idea.  The five lept off the rooftop, and
surrounded David.  The five reached for him, and attempted to
grab him, but before they could touch him, he held his morpher
out in front of him and cried, "DragonZord!"  In the energy wash
of David's morph, the five Rangers fell on their backs.  The
Green Ranger drew his dagger and held it to DinoBlack's
neck, the Ranger nearest to him. The other five rangers
lay on either their side or stomach, holding their hands
out to DinoBlack.  "Adam!" cried Ashley.  Goldar laughed...his arms crossed.  Slowly lowering them, he walked toward the six rangers.  Laughing profusely, the golden warrior commented, "My idea was brilliant!" The Green Ranger laughed, while holding DinoBlack in a chokehold, with the Dragon Dagger at his throat.  Goldar laughed, "Now, this scene is quite familiar, a blade at the throat of the Black Ranger!"  "Fate it seems, is not without a sense of irony..." said DinoBlack.  Hooking his left foot behind DragonGreen's leg, he used his body weight to make the Green Ranger fall backwards.  Turning his body to face the Green Ranger, he plucked the Dragon Dagger from Green Ranger's right hand, then using his left hand, DinoBlack pulled out DragonGreen's coin from the morpher buckle on his belt.  As the Green Ranger fell on his back, flashes of gold surged through the Green Ranger's chest, through his arm, and onto DinoBlack.  The gold light surrounded DinoBlack's chest, and the same chest plate that  the Green Ranger once wore was now on Adam.  Holding the Dagger triumphantly, he laughed out loud, and then exclaimed, "I stole the Dragon Dagger from Zordon, and now I'm stealing it from you!"  DinoBlack pointed the blade of the dagger at the now powered down David, who lay on his back rather timidly.  Goldar had a surprised look on his face, when he saw four Blade Blaster barrels pointing straight at him.  The Rangers just performed what appeared to be a classic western bank-robbery!  With his hands in the air, Goldar dropped his sword as the five Rangers joined each other, with Adam in the middle.  The Rangers held their arms to the sky, and then they teleported in Ranger-colored beams of light to the Power Chamber.

To be continued. . .