Chapter 6: The Dragon Ranger Saga, Pt. III

          The Power Rangers appeared in the center of the Power Chamber and removed their helmets.  Adam handed Alpha the Dragon Coin.  As Alpha took the coin, the golden chest plate that Adam wore faded in a golden light.  Alpha placed the coin in a scanning drawer, and it closed automatically.  The coin showed up on the viewing screen for all to see.  "Ai yi yi!" said Alpha. "The coin's alloy has been tainted with darkwater, just like you said Zordon!"  Zordon's face turned solemn, "The only way to change the power of the coin back to the side of good is to have it absorb purewater, which is not found on this planet...Alpha, contact Aquatar."  Zhane turned to Adam, "Adam, that was brilliant bro, using that disarm move."  Adam grinned, "Well, to be honest with you, I used to be somewhat of a pickpocket...but with the Dragon Dagger at my neck, I had to apply a little force."  Zhane laughed and high-fived Adam, "Well, you got it back.  That's all that matters."  Alpha and Billy continued to attempt contact with Aquatar, a planet that was covered totally in water.  Zordon had informed the rangers a while back that other planets had their own power that was drawn from a separate power source, other then the Morphin' Grid.  The guardians of Aquatar had the element of water and light as their source of power.  The Aquatian Rangers had fought along side Zordon and his Morphin' Masters long ago.  Immortal, as long as they stay hydrated, the Aquatian Rangers looked as youthful as they had over a millennia ago.  This proved true when Aurico, the Red Aquatian Ranger, appeared on the viewing screen.  "Greetings Zordon, Greetings Rangers of Earth," said the Aquatian, who held his hands in front of him as though he were praying.  "How may I offer my assistance to you?" he continued.  "Aurico!" boomed Zordon, "You have aged a bit!"  The two shared a hearty laugh.  Aurico's laugh sounded like the clicks of a dolphin, but his smile proved it was indeed a laugh.  Zordon continued,  "Aurico, we need some purewater.  Is there anyway that you could send some to the Power Chamber?"  The Aquatian cocked his head, the enlarged brain of the Red Ranger clicked and made noises, while it raced at an incredible rate, comparable with Alpha's sub-processors.  Within seconds, Aurico had an answer, "Zordon, you may have some purewater, but getting it to earth may be a problem," he stated.  "I will send one of my Rangers to Aquatar to bring it back to the Power Chamber."  "Excellent!" said Aurico, "We look forward to your Ranger's arrival, Aurico out."  The view screen immediately returned to it's normal black color.  Zordon turned to his Rangers, "Rangers, I need a volunteer to go to Aquatar."  Zhane stepped forward.  "Zhane, you must stay here and lead the team," said Zordon.  "I will go," said Billy.  "Excellent," said Zordon.  Billy grabbed his triceratops helmet and held it under his arm.  Reaching for his morpher buckle, he cried,  "Back to Action!"  In a flash, the Blue DinoRanger teleported to the watery planet of Aquatar. 

          On the moon in the dark palace, Zedd was scolding David for losing his coin and dagger.  "You fool!  How could you just get the dagger and coin stolen from you?!...Simpleton!"  Zedd screamed, as he turned and walked to his chamber.  Goldar turned to David, "You green could you let this happen!?"  David just glared back at him.  "You were defeated in your first battle with those power punks!" spat David.  He turned around and walked off to the Dark Dimension
to meditate and think of a way to get his coin back.
Rita was in her chamber chanting a spell in front of
the Cursed Green Candle. "When the Green Ranger
morphs, let the candle light, and when it melts, he
will lose his powers that night!"  David turned his
head from the entrance to the chamber, and
continued to walk toward the Dark Dimension.  Rita
was trying to steal his powers!  Things were looking
bad for David.  His coin and dagger had been stolen,
and now this!  He sat down on the foggy floor, crossed his legs in a lotus position, and closed his eyes.  His meditation had begun.

          In the Power Chamber, the four teens, Zordon, and Alpha looked at the coin on the Viewing Screen.  "David's blood is fused in with the Dragon Coin, so as long as the coin is tainted, he is too," said Ashley, looking up at the console in front of her.  Kat leaned against the display case where her suit was stored when not in use.  The normally clear glass glowed pink while she was morphed.  She looked at Zhane and smiled.  The tides had turned for the Rangers.  Alpha's visor caught something odd about the coin.  "Ai yi yi....Zordon, a small percentage of the coin's alloy is missing!" said the little robot.  Zordon looked at the coin and sure enough, there was a trace amount of the alloy missing.  Zordon pondered on it for a moment, then blamed it on the possibility of age and use.  Zordon knew this couldn't be true, but he didn't want to worry the Rangers or Alpha.  The Rangers milled about in the Power Chamber, waiting for Billy to return.

          On Aquatar, Billy appeared in a wash of blue.  He was greeted by Cestria, the princess of Aquatar, who presented him with a small blue vial of purewater.  Billy looked at Cestria and he immediately felt something different about her, but he couldn't place it.  "Welcome to Aquatar, Blue Ranger of Earth.  I am Cestria, Princess of Aquatar."  "Thank you, Cestria."  The Blue Ranger introduced himself as he removed his helmet,  "My name is Billy."  Cestria's eyes widened, she had never seen such a beautiful creature in all of her life.  Billy held onto his helmet and continued, "My time here is short."  He looked around the underwater dome that he had teleported into.  "I wish to return someday," he continued.  "You are welcome back anytime Billy," she smiled at him, and he smiled back...the two having mutual feelings about one another.  Billy kissed her hand, then he took a step back, and reached for his morpher. "Back to Action!" he cried, and in flash, the Blue Ranger's time on Aquatar was finished...for now.

          Billy beamed back to the Power Chamber.  Once there he took off his helmet and smiled.  He kept his meeting with Cestria to himself.  He handed the vial to Alpha, who poured it on the coin.  The other Rangers stood up and watched on the view screen.  The coin absorbed the purewater, which turned it white, then green, then gold once more.  "The conversion was successful," said Alpha.  Zhane looked at Zordon, "All we need now is to get David to use the coin and he will become good once more."  Zordon nodded his head, then turned to Alpha.  "Alpha, see if you can get a lock on David's morph signature.  We need to get him here is likely that he may be in grave danger now that Rita's spell is broken."  Alpha attempted to do what Zordon asked of him, but quickly shook his head.  "Zordon, I cannot get a lock on him.  He must be in the Dark Dimension."  "Dark Dimension?" asked Ashley.  "The Dark Dimension is a place of evil where Zedd and his mutants draw their power from," said Zordon.  "Your coins won't work there," he said sadly, as he thought of a way to draw David out.

          In the Dark Dimension, David opened his eyes.  He looked around, and slowly stood up.  He touched his chest, and looked at his hands.  He didn't know where he was, or what he was doing there.  His eyes had reverted back to their usual brown, and his sneer was gone.  David walked around the cloudy room trying to find an exit.  With a whoosh, a door opened and he walked through it.  He looked down the hallway and made his way to an exit.  He looked around the corner cautiously, and saw a chamber with a throne and a balcony.  He also saw candles and slime dripping from the ceiling.  He saw a winged creature with a group of gray mutants standing in the middle of the room.  The golden creature stabbed his sword into the ground and disappeared.  "That's my way out of here," he said to himself.  He quickly walked back to the chamber to wait until the winged warrior returned.

          In the Power Chamber, sirens blared as the teens turned their heads toward the viewing screen.  Goldar and his putties were attacking some innocents at the bay.  Zhane stood up and growled low, "Goldar!"   "Where's David?" asked Adam.  "Rangers, Goldar is trying to draw you out into battle," said Zordon.  "If he wants a fight so bad, that's what he's gonna get," said Adam.  The teens grabbed their helmets and clutched their buckles.  "Back to Action!" they all cried in unison.

          In a flash, the Rangers stood on the pier.  They dashed at Goldar and the putties at the same time.  The Black, Yellow, and Blue Rangers fought the putties, while the Pink and Red Rangers attacked Goldar.  DinoRed summoned his TyrannoSabre, and DinoPink summoned her PteraBow.  The two leapt high into the air, shooting energy and arrows at Goldar.  Goldar swung his sword, deflecting the energy back at the two airborne rangers.  Zhane quickly sent the energy blasts back at Goldar, which sent him sliding across the wooden dock.  The Pink and Red Rangers landed, and the other three joined their teammates, having already dispatched the putties.  "Let's bring them together!" cried Zhane.  At that moment, Goldar disappeared.  The other Ranger's looked at each other in confusion.  The battle was too short.  "That was it?" Adam asked.  DinoBlue shrugged his shoulders, as DinoRed answered, "I'm not sure...what was he trying to accomplish?"  The Rangers decided to talk to Zordon about this, so they teleported back to the Power Chamber. 

          At the Dark Palace, Zedd began yelling at Goldar. "How dare you attack without my permission!  If I hadn't brought you back, the Rangers would have killed you...AGAIN!  Next time I won't have Rita bring you back!"  He warned Goldar as he turned to sit on his throne.  "Goldar, go kill David," Zedd said. Rita added, "With the Dragon Coin back in Zordon's possession, who knows what will happen to David."  Happy to complete this task, Goldar shuffled off to the Dark Dimension.

          At the Power Chamber, the Rangers appeared and removed their helmets.  "Zordon, what was the point of Goldar's attack?'" asked Zhane.  "I am not sure...I believe Goldar was just trying to prove himself, but I believe that he was pulled back by Zedd," said Zordon.  Zordon turned to Alpha, "Alpha, continue to attempt to get a lock on of David's morph signature." "Right away Zordon!" exclaimed Alpha.  "My Rangers, I suggest that you all get some rest, until Zedd begins another attack on Earth," advised Zordon.  Not arguing with that, the five powered-down and walked down the hall to their sleeping quarters inside the Power Chamber.

            Goldar walked through the entrance of the Dark Dimension and saw David meditating.  He stood before the teenager with his sword in hand, preparing to bring it down on David's head.  David, who hadn't been meditating, rolled backwards and used the wall as a boost to kick Goldar squarely in the chest.  Goldar stumbled back, clutching his chest.  "You will DIE!" the Golden Warrior screamed.  "Not today, monkey-boy!" said David, who stood in a defensive posture.  David's left hand waved Goldar at him, taunting him.  With a growl, Goldar ran at David, his sword scraping the ground as he dashed at the teen.  Sparks flew behind Goldar, who was ready to bring his sword upwards to slash the kid in half.  David got a half-cocked grin on his face and stood his ground.  As Goldar approached, David leapt forward and using the winged warriors shoulders as leverage, he flipped over him, and then rolled forward as Goldar spun around, slashing his sword at the same time.  David then ran forward, and again using the wall as a boost, brought his body into a double spin-kick.  The first knocked the sword from Goldar's hand, the second made contact with his face.  David landed and did a double forward hand-spring, grabbing Goldar's sword.  With a flourish of the sword, he swung it around until he held it upside down.  Then with a mighty swing, the teenager stabbed the ground, his mind on the last place he was...the high school.  Goldar swung at the teen, but it was too late.  David was already gone.  Goldar turned on his heel to tell Lord Zedd, hoping that he would be allowed to return to Earth with a group of putties to get his sword and the former Green Ranger back. 

          David appeared in the courtyard of the High School.  He threw down the sword and ran off, not sure exactly where he was going.  Just then, a group of putties and Goldar appeared, sans wings.  Zedd had removed them as punishment for letting David escape.  With a low growl, he yelled at his foot soldiers, "Putties!  Attack!"  David stood in a defensive posture and swiftly brought down the first putty with a roundhouse to the head, shattering it to dust.  The second had a large ball attached to it's clay fist, and swung it at the boy.  David waited until the ball hit the ground and then jumped over his attacker, quickly kicking the third approaching putty.  Goldar bent down to reach his sword.  The fourth putty and the second putty swung at David at the same time, their ball-covered fists each making contact with the others head.  David grinned and thanked the newly formed cloud of dust.  David leapt up into the air as high as he could then landed behind the fifth putty, facing the goon's back. He kicked it toward Goldar and it stumbled forward.  Goldar slashed at it with his sword, sending it flying in two different directions.  David clapped his hands, "Good work penny-whistle, destroying your own henchmen."  Goldar growled and dashed at David.  David avoided the first slash, but Goldar brought the teen to his knees with the handle of his sword.  David lay on his stomach gasping for air.  Goldar prepared to stab him straight through his back, then suddenly David felt weightless and light-headed.  He closed his eyes and he waited for the final blow that would kill him. . .

          Laying on his stomach, David appeared in the Power Chamber. He slowly stood up and dusted himself off.  He looked around the large room, seeing multiple consoles, computers, monitors...and a floating head.  "What, where, who...?" David stammered.  At that moment alarms blared and the ranger teens ran out into the main chamber.  Adam got into a defensive stance followed by Zhane.  "Where am I?" David asked.  The five stood their ground and Zordon looked down at the frightened teen.  "Welcome David Truehart, to the Power Chamber...I am Zordon, the mentor of the Power Rangers."  Zhane walked up to David cautiously.  "You don't remember, do you?" he asked.  "No, no I don't...wh...what happened?"  asked David.  Zhane and the others told David the story about what he was previously, showing him the viewing screen.  He saw himself attacking various points in the city and attacking innocents.  Zordon told the story of the power to David and concluded that David became normal again when the Dragon Coin absorbed the purewater.  "David, the Dragon Coin was my coin as the Green Morphin' Master," said Zordon.  "The time has come for a new Green Ranger, and I would like you to take up the Dragon Dagger and continue the fight for the balance of good and evil that I once carried on more than a millennia ago." finished Zordon.  David looked down at the floor, and then looked up at the other rangers.  "You, you choose me?" asked David. "I'm nothing but a hood rat," he said.  "I believe that there is good inside of you.  This will give you a new purpose in life, if you choose to accept this power," Zordon boomed.  At that moment, alarms blared throughout the Power Chamber.  David turned to the other rangers, who all had looks on their faces as if they wanted him to join their team.  David stiffened and asked, "What do I do?"  Alpha handed him the Dragon Coin.  "On your person, you should have a morpher device," Zordon said.  David slowly reached behind his back and grabbed his coin-less morpher.  "Insert the coin into the morpher and when evil threatens the earth, like it is now, hold out the morpher and say 'It's Morphin' Time,' to initiate the Morphin' sequence.  To activate and harness your power, say the Dinosaur spirit assigned to your case, it would be the DragonZord," said Zordon.  David looked at his morpher, the coin now inserted.  He looked at the others and Zhane nodded to him.  They had their morphers out too.  Zhane moved to the front of the rangers and the five said, "It's Morphin Time!"  The teens held their morphers out in front of them, and David did as well.  "It's Morphin' Time!" David cried.  The Morphin' sequence began.  Green Lightning surrounded David.  Awed at the power that now surrounded him, he yelled...

"DragonZord!" Rita's chamber the green candle lit.

The other Rangers continued...

"Mastodon!" cried Adam.
"Pterodactyl!" cried Kat.
"Triceratops!" cried Billy.
"Sabre-toothed Tiger!" cried Ashley.
"Tyrannosaurus!" cried Zhane.

           In a flash, the six rangers stood on top of a
building, watching Rita's 'monster of the day' attack
the city.  Instantly, it all came back to David.  Behind
his visor, he saw the creature attacking the city.  The
five Rangers held their hands to the sky and cried,
"DinoZords, arise!"  The five DinoZords ran together
in unison, as the rangers leapt into their individual
Zords.  DragonGreen witnessed the Zords combine
into the DinoMegaZord.  DragonGreen reached for
the Dragon Dagger on his belt and pulled it out.  He
looked at it, turned it over, and then held the
mouthpiece to his helmeted lips and blew a note that
sounded downright terrible.  He blew a few more notes until he got the hang of it, then played the Song of Summoning.

          At the pier, the waters around the docks bubbled and washed away as the DragonZord rose out of the water.  The DragonZord screamed a
furious cry as the water poured off of it.  David looked
at his flute and then at his DragonZord.  "These
powers are incredible!"  With that, he leapt up into
the cockpit of his Zord.  The DragonZord marched
into battle, swinging its tail around and hitting the
mutant.  The mutant flew backwards and struggled
to get up.  While the mutant was down, DragonGreen
activated the command to fire the missiles from
DragonZord's claws.  DragonGreen waited until he
heard the continuous beep of a lock-on, and cried,
"Rockets away!"  The missiles all found their mark,
hitting the mutant and hurting it more.  With a
scream, the monster got on his feet while the MegaZord got ready for it's turn to join the fray.  The MegaZord punched the monster, sending it sliding across the road.  The monster then fired a blast at the MegaZord, knocking it down and causing the DinoZords to separate.  The five rangers ejected from their Zords to the ground below.  The Tyrannosaurus and Pterodactyl Zords took most of the hit and Zhane quickly sent them back before any further damage could be inflicted on them.  David looked through his visor, a schematic for the combined Sabre-toothed Tiger, Mastodon, Tricertops and DragonZord appeared.  The formation was called the MegaDragonZord.  David told DinoBlue, Black and Yellow to insert their crystals once more. "Alright!" said the trio, as they leapt back into their Zords.  David pulled his coin out and formed his crystal as well, sticking it into the slot on his console.  "MegaDragonZord sequence, initiate!" DragonGreen cried.  "MegaDragonZord sequence initiated," said a computer voice behind David.  The arms of the DragonZord folded up into
the side and the legs folded up as well.  A portion of the DragonZord's chest floated out and away as the sides of the DragonZord closed together, sealing the opening and forming a larger version of the symbol on David's coin.  The DragonZord's mouth opened up, revealing the MegaZords face. The Sabre-toothed Tiger and Tricertops combined, forming the legs, and the MastodonZord joined forming the arms.  The center chest piece of the DragonZord combined with the separated tail of the DragonZord, forming a giant drill-sabre for the MegaDragonZord.  Lightning struck around the MegaDragonZord as the computer voice
said, "MegaDragonZord, activated."  The four rangers sat in the
cockpit of the new MegaZord formation.  "DragonDrill, Attack!"
the four cried, as the drill bit absorbed the energy of the Morphin'
Grid.  The MegaDragonZord speared the creature, leaving a giant
smoking hole in the torso of the mutant.  The MegaDragonZord
slowly turned around, holding the spear over it's shoulder.  The
creature fell face-first to the ground and exploded. "All right!" the
four rangers cried.  DinoRed and DinoPink jumped up and down
on the building, just witnessing the battle that took place.
"Awesome!" said DinoRed.  "Yeah, that DragonZord is awesome!"
DinoPink agreed.  "Zords, disengage!" said DragonGreen.  As the
Zord's separated, the three DinoRangers cried, "DinoZords
retreat!"  As the three Zords returned to their hiding places,
DragonGreen leapt out of the DragonZord and stood with the
other rangers.  Pulling out his Dragon Dagger, he played the tune
that would send the DragonZord back into the sea to rest until he was needed again.  The six rangers teleported to the Power Chamber to celebrate.  "Power Down!" cried the five rangers in unison.  David held his arms out in front of him and quickly cried, "DragonGreen, Power Down!"  In a green flash, he reverted back to his teenage form.  In Rita's chamber the green candle blew out.  "Good work, Rangers," boomed Zordon.  He turned his head to David.  "David, if you feel that this isn't right for you, tell me now..." Zordon waited.  "No Zordon, you're right.  This does bring new purpose into my life, I'll stay and fight," David said.  "Thank you Green Ranger."  The five patted him on the back, as they all introduced themselves to him.  David grinned, happy to be accepted as part of the team.

          In the Dark Palace, Zedd was furious.  The rangers now had a new teammate, who was five times stronger than the other rangers...even as a team.  Rita showed Zedd the Green Candle.  Zedd's body glowed red with excitement.  "As soon as that candle burns out, the Green Ranger is finished!"  Lord Zedd turned and walked off to his chamber.  "Rita!" he screamed as he walked,  "Continue summoning more monsters...more than usual, so the Green Ranger is forced to morph!"  He laughed menacingly.  Rita already had another mutant lined up!

To be continued. . .