Chapter 9: The Dragon Power is passed on

          The Rangers appeared downtown, ready to fight the new threat to mankind in Angel Grove.  The Rangers ran down the street, yelling at innocents to get to the nearest shelter.  DinoRed stopped in front of a mother who was screaming because her daughter was pinned by a large piece of debris from a nearby building.  DinoRed knelt down and told the little girl that she would be alright.  Zhane easily lifted the debris off of the girl and tossed it aside.  Looking through his visor, Zhane scanned the girl's vitals.  The scan showed that she had a few bumps and bruises, but her right leg was broken in two places.  Using a piece of wood from a shattered doorframe and some police tape, DinoRed fashioned a splint on the girl's leg.  He turned to the child's mother and quickly explained what he had done and why. Then turning back to the girl, DinoRed tapped the side of his helmet, "Alpha, I have two for emergency teleportation to Angel Grove Memorial," DinoRed exclaimed.  Through his helmet, Zhane heard Alpha's affirmative response and watched as the mother and child teleported in a flash of white light to the hospital.  The Red DinoRanger turned and looked at his teammates.  The rangers were busy fighting putties and sending civilians to mutant shelters for safety.  Zhane heard laughter through his helmet.  He turned his attention toward the top of a building where a mutant that looked like a robot was standing.  The creature had a missile launcher strapped to his left arm and a cannon replaced his right arm all together.  He had a devious grin on his face as he leapt off of the building toward DinoRed.  As the creature descended, it fired a volley of shots at the Red Ranger.  DinoRed rolled to the right and then leapt off the base of the building that was nearest to him.  He flew at the mutant...his BladeBlaster drawn.  The Red Ranger quickly changed it to Blaster Mode and fired off three shots at the mutant.  The blasts sent the creature flying in the opposite direction.  As the mutant lay on his back struggling to get up, the other four rangers joined their leader.  The mutant got to his feet and aimed his arm cannon and missile launcher at the rangers.  "Do not infuriate me, Rangers.  I am Disastertron and I will destroy you!" the mutant exclaimed.  DinoBlack pointed a gloved hand at Disastertron, "Introductions aren't necessary...why do they even bother naming you guys?  It's not like you're gonna be around long." DinoBlack grinned under his helmet.  "Cocky, must be teenagers under those ridiculous costumes," said Disastertron.  He then fired his cannon and sent a small tornado racing toward the rangers.  Sparks flew in every direction as the tornado came into contact with each ranger.  The rangers were knocked to their knees and struggled to stand back up.  Disastertron changed the setting on his arm cannon and fired a volley of hail at the rangers.  Before the rangers could even stand up completely, they were back on there stomachs again.  "Man, this may be tougher then I thought!" cried Adam.  The rangers stood up and summoned their weapons.  Each ranger attacked Disastertron, but he quickly knocked the weapons out of their hands.  Disastertron then reset his arm cannon and fired a blast of sub-zero snow at the rangers, freezing them in their tracks. 

          In the Power Chamber, David watched as his helpless teammates battled bravely against this powerful mutant.  Zordon's face was grim, but he remained silent, unable to help his rangers.  David's mind fought with his heart.  His conscious wrestled with helping his fallen comrades and risk death or staying in the safety of the Power Chamber.  Gritting his teeth and clenching his fists, he remained silent, hoping that Zhane had a plan.

          Encased in ice, Zhane looked through his visor.  He turned his eyes toward the temperature reading of his was dropping fast, already at 27 degrees Fahrenheit.  Something had to be done quickly or the rangers
would freeze inside of their armor.  In the Power
Chamber, Alpha rapidly punched buttons on a
console and created an energy feedback shockwave
that was emitted from each ranger's suit.  The
cocoon of ice was blasted off of the rangers.  With
chunks of ice hitting the ground, the team dashed for
cover behind a building.  Billy suggested forming the
DinoBlaster.  "No time, DinoBlue," said Kat.  "He'll
just freeze us again!" exclaimed Ashley. DinoRed
punched his right fist into his open left palm.  "Damn!
We have to do something!" said Adam.  Zhane closed his eyes, thinking of a way to bring this mutant down.  So far, the only thing that even remotely scratched him was his BladeBlaster.  At that moment Billy's eyes lit up, "Guys, what if we attack him as energy, lancing him with our BladeBlasters as we surge through him?"  "Wouldn't that force us to Power Down?" asked Ashley.  "Alpha?" asked Zhane as he tapped his helmet.  "Yes, Zhane.  The energy rush would force you to Power Down, Ai yi yi!" said the robot from his post at the Power Chamber.  "It's a chance we'll have to take Rangers!" exclaimed Zhane to his teammates.  "Alright, let's do it!" cried Adam.  The five rangers stood in line before the gloating Disastertron.  The rangers began to glow and it appeared as though they had caught fire in their appropriate color.  "Energy Rush!" the five cried.  Their bodies turned to ranger colored energy and they rushed to attack Disastertron.  Each one passed through him and appeared behind the creature, their backs to him as he fell to the ground.  The Power Rangers slowly stood up as the explosion rocked the team forward a bit.  Each teen fell to a knee, as they slowly auto-powered down.

          On the moon in the Dark Palace, Zedd looked down from his observatory and slammed his fist down onto the railing in frustration.  "RITA!" he screamed.  "Yes, my Lord?" asked the sorceress.  Zedd pointed down at earth, "Make Disastertron grow!" the maniacal dark lord commanded.  Rita held her staff and chanted a spell to make her fallen mutant grow to an enormous height.  Zedd continued to seethe, "With those brats powered-down and the green ranger helpless, Disastertron can finally destroy those meddlesome teens!" 

          The teens slowly stood, each clutching their chest and gasping for air.  Zhane turned to the others, "You guys ok?" he asked breathlessly.  "Yeah.  Remind me not to do that again." said Adam.  Ashley turned around to face the smoking remains of Disastertron.  She watched in horror as the mutant pieced himself back together and began to grow, all thanks to Rita's spell.  "Uh, guys... it's not over yet..." Ashley exclaimed, still facing the ever-enlarging Disastertron.  "NO!" cried Kat.  "Damn!" said Zhane, as he slowly moved his way to the front of the group.  Disastertron, now at full height, began to raise his foot to crush the weakened teens.  Billy turned toward Zhane, "We can't morph until our power level returns to it's nominal status."  Zhane hung his head...morpher in hand, now useless for the time being. 

          At the Power Chamber, David watched as Disastertron destroyed buildings and houses in Angel Grove.  He turned to look at Zordon.  Zordon was witnessing the same spectacle that David had just seen on the Viewing Monitor.  David closed his eyes for he had finally made his decision.  Whipping his arm around to his back, he drew his Power Morpher and held it out in front of him.  "It's Morphin' Time!" David cried.  Green Lightning surrounded David, the power waiting for it's owner to say the command to unleash and harness the power of the Dragon! 

"DRAGONZORD!" David cried...the candle lit.

The candle burned brightly, without much wick continued to glow steadily.

Rita and Zedd watched with glee as the Green Ranger's power and life was about to expire.

          The Green Ranger appeared on the apex of the nearest building to the now giant Disastertron.  With great haste, he reached for his Dragon Dagger and held it to the sky.  "I call upon the power of the Dragon!" DragonGreen exclaimed.  He held the flute/dagger to his helmet's lips and blew softly, playing the song of summoning for the last time.

          The waters of the harbor began to bubble and boil.  The mighty DragonZord came to the aid of the Green Ranger one last time.  Rising out of the water with a ferocious scream, the DragonZord shook off the water that remained on it's scaled body as it walked over to battle Disastertron. 

          The five teens were standing on the ground.  Billy spoke to Alpha on his communicator about the estimated time of the power recharge.  The other four watched a weakened David control DragonZord from atop the roof.  Apparently he was too weak to leap to the cockpit of his Zord.  Billy turned to the other rangers.  "We have approximately six minutes until we can help David," Billy said rather worriedly.  It would be the longest six minutes in Zhane's life. . .

          Disastertron aimed his arm cannon at DragonZord, blasting a tsunami at the Serpentine Zord.  The Dragon's claws dug deep into the road and bravely withstood the wind and water blast the mutant had thrown at it.  When the tsunami passed, the Green Ranger commanded the DragonZord to fire several missiles.  The chest plate of the DragonZord lit up as it aimed the rockets at the enormous creature.  Disastertron stood his ground.  The missiles fired at the mutant, who in turn promptly aimed it's arm cannon at the oncoming volley of missiles.  Firing a wind storm at the Dragon, the missiles were redirected back and hit various points of the DragonZord.  Explosions erupted around the DragonZord, knocking it to the ground.  With a scream the DragonZord attempted to get to it's feet.  The Green Ranger dropped down to one knee and grabbed his chest.  Looking at his Dragon Dagger, David played a new song for his Zord.  Right away the Dragon got to it's feet.  It swung it's tail at Disastertron and the mutant fell on it's side upon contact with the Dragon's tail.  David struggled to get to his feet as the power was quickly leaving his body...

          The alarm on Billy's communicator went off, and he turned to the others excitedly, "We can morph now!"

Zhane held his morpher out in front of him and cried "It's Morphin Time!" 

"Sabre-toothed Tiger!"

With a look of fury and determination, Zhane cried, "Tyrannosaurus!"

          In a flash the teens turned Rangers held their arms to the sky, and all cried in unison, "We need DinoMegaZord Power, NOW!"  The DinoZords ran together in a small herd and began transforming, joining together to form the mighty DinoMegaZord.  With the transformation complete, the Rangers flew up to the cockpit of the MegaZord.  The DinoMegaZord, with DinoSword in hand, walked over to join the DragonZord in battle.  "Rangers, I don't have much time left.  Let's finish this guy!" yelled David to his teammates.  "Right!" cried the five in unison.  "Alpha, summon Titanus!" commanded  Zordon from his tube.  The ground shook.  Fire and brimstone erupted and shot from the crater that the mighty Brachiosaurus rose from.  Titanus, the CarrierZord for the other six Zords, quickly transformed into his Carrier Mode.  The Zord's tail split in two and formed cannons on the front legs of the Zord.  The back opened up, so the MegaDragonZord could link up with Titanus.  The chest piece of the DragonZord became Titanus' chest piece.  "DinoUltraZord!" the six teens cried in unison from the main cockpit of the UltraZord.   Disastertron was finally back on his feet and he charged at the UltraZord.  "DinoUltraZord!  Lock on and fire!" the six rangers cried together.  The pure energy from the seven Zords blasted Disastertron and blew him to bits, this time permanently.  "DinoZords, retreat!" cried the Rangers as they teleported to the Power Chamber.

          At the Power Chamber the Rangers teleported in together.  David fell to one knee, holding his chest.  "Uhn..DragonGreen, power down..." David said weakly.  The candle's flame blew out.  If he had remained morphed for one more minute, he would have been killed.  "David!" Zhane cried as he knelt down beside his friend.  "I'm ok, Zhane." David reassured.  DinoRed helped David to his feet.  "David, Alpha has drawn a reasonable conclusion to the power drain you experienced," Zordon boomed.  "David, the dragon coin has your blood in it.  Rita did this when she turned you to the side of evil.  If you pass on your coin to another, the dragon power can be utilized by the rest of the ranger team and you will not be in danger." Alpha said to David.  "Couldn't I just trade coins with another ranger?" asked David.  "I am afraid that is not possible," said Zordon regretfully.  "David, you must choose a ranger to pass your coin's power to temporarily," continued
Zordon.  David looked at the Dragon Coin that now rested in his palm.  Closing
his fist and his eyes, he turned to DinoRed. Extending his hand out, he said,
"Zhane, I choose you."  DinoRed looked through his helmet and closed his
hand over the coin.  Golden light surrounded his chest and the Dragon
Shield formed over DinoRed's torso.  "Thank you David, someday you will
be the Green Ranger again." said Zhane confidently.  "No! I am the
Green Ranger, now and always." said David as he looked at DinoRed,
a false smile on his face.  "Yes David, you are right.  The power will
always protect you." said Zordon.  "Take care of DragonZord for me,
ok bro?" said David, with a sigh of mixed relief.  "I will." said
Zhane, as he removed the Tyrannosaurus Coin from the morpher
buckle on his belt.  He placed the Dragon Coin and the Tyrannosaurus Coin back-to-back.  The two fused and became one.  He then placed the coin back in his morpher.  DinoRed crossed his arms over his chest and cried, "DinoRed Power Down!"  In a red flash, the Red DinoRanger reverted back to his teen form.  The other rangers powered down as well and they all circled David and comforted him.  "David," Zordon boomed, "We could use your assistance in the Power Chamber tracking a way to recharge and fully cleanse the coin of the curse of the candle," said the rangers mentor.  "I still wish to help in anyway I can, Zordon." said David, feeling better now that the power was in good hands.  Zordon smiled and the six teens held their hands together and cried at once, "POWER RANGERS!"

          In the Dark Palace, Zedd was blasting putties with his scepter.  The gray goons flew back against the wall.  "First Goldar is nearly killed...AGAIN and now the Green Ranger passes his powers to the Red Ranger.  His powers are still present and worse...he is STILL ALIVE!" screamed Zedd.  "RITA!" Zedd screamed.  "Yes, milord?" asked a frightened Rita.  Zedd turned his back to Rita and faced earth. He placed his hands on the balcony of his observatory.  Very calmly and quietly he said to Rita, "Summon Scorpina..."  Rita's eyes grew wide with fright and she asked, "I'm sorry, did you say 'summon Scorpina'?"  Zedd turned around, his body glowing crimson, "JUST DO AS I COMMAND, SORCERCESS!" screamed Zedd.  Rita, without a word, turned around and went to her library to summon one of the most powerful warriors in the history of evil. . .

To be continued. . .