Chapter 10: The White Stranger

May, 1996

          Over one year had passed since Allison's death.  Zhane kept to himself most of the day on the nineteenth of April.  He stood before her grave in the cold rain and watched the water run down her gravestone.  Zordon had given him permission to teleport to Florida to visit her final resting place.  Zhane talked to Allison silently...about moving to California, becoming the Red DinoRanger, David passing on his powers, and lastly...about Kat.  The two teens' love had grown over the past few months, and Zhane thought it was appropriate to let Allison know.  After he told Ali, the rain stopped and the sun shone brightly through the clouds.  Zhane's heart felt lighter, as if Allison had approved of him being with Kat.  Zhane smiled and set a single red rose on her grave.  He stepped back from her grave and looked around.  Seeing no one, he tapped his communicator and teleported himself back to Angel Grove. 

          David stood in the middle of the park.  He was surrounded by six putties.  He got in a defensive stance and prepared to fight.  He was wearing a white ninja dogi with a strange golden symbol on his chest.  Blinking his eyes
at the strange costume, he began to fight the
creatures that approached him.  In a  matter of
seconds, the putties were dust.  He looked
around the park and grabbed the cloth chest
of the white dogi.  He pulled it off and threw it
over his shoulder then crossed his arms.  David
looked down at his clothes.  He wore a white
pair of pants and a white tee-shirt with the
sleeves removed.  His hair was different.  It
was now short and spiked.  He was wearing
some kind of necklace which appeared to be half of a scarab on a golden chain.  'This isn't my style...' David thought and wondered how he had gotten this way.  He closed his eyes and his mind raced.  He was lost in thought.

          David awoke with a start and sat up in bed.  He ran his hands through his long hair.  He looked at his hands then turned and looked at the mirror that hung over his dresser.  In the dim light of the moon he could see his hair was back to normal length and he was wearing his usual green, not white.  "What a weird dream." he said to himself.  He put a robe on over his green pajamas and slid his communicator onto his wrist.  he stood up slowly and tapped the button that would teleport him to the Power Chamber.

          David teleported to the Power Chamber and looked around at the dim lights of some of the monitors and controls that remained on during the night.  Alarms blared in the Chamber and David covered his ears with his hands.  Alpha waddled out of his recharge station saying, "Ai yi yi!  No one is permitted access to the Power Chamber without a Power Coin."  "Alpha, it's me, David." said the former Green Ranger.  "Oh, hello David." Alpha said.  The robot shuffled over to the main console and turned off the alarm.  He then activated the main lights in the Chamber.  Zordon appeared in his tube and looked down at David.  With a look of worry on his face, Zordon questioned David's appearance in the Power Chamber.  David proceeded to tell Zordon about his dream.  "Maybe you should talk to your father about your dream, David," Zordon advised.  "My father?" David asked.  "But how do I explain the putties?"  "Just ask your father about the image of yourself in the dream.  Leave anything 'unfamiliar' out." Zordon instructed.  "Alright, I will...first thing in the morning." David said and he teleported out of the Chamber back to his bedroom.

          At dawn's first light, Sam Truehart awoke.  He began the traditional Indian meditation that he did daily.  The old Indian tied his long gray hair into a braid and stuck an eagle's feather at the base of it.  He lit a candle and prayed to the fallen chiefs of the past as they watched over him.  He lit some incence, closed his eyes, and began praying silently in thoughtful peace.  He finished his meditation then stood up and walked downstairs to the kitchen to begin preparing breakfast.  David awoke to the smell of sausage and eggs filling the air.  He got dressed and ran down stairs.

          While the father and son ate breakfast, David thought about his dream.  He paused for just a moment and then began to speak.  "Father, I had a dream last night..." David began, deciding just to get it off his chest.  Sam put his fork down on the side of his plate, "Well son, what was it about?" the old Indian asked.  "I was standing in the park...uh, practicing karate and I was wearing all white.  My hair was short and spiked and my skin seemed darker too..."  David said.  Sam's eyes widened and then closed.  "David, I have something to tell have a twin, a brother..." Sam said nervously.  "He lives on the reservation with your mother," Sam continued.  David dropped his fork and it hit the plate with a clang.  "A..a brother...?" asked David.  "Yes, his name is Thomas Oliver," said Sam.  "You are now sixteen and I think it is time the two of you met," said Sam.  "But...only if you want to..." finished Sam.  David was speechless, nervous, and upset that his father never told him.   He was also happy to discover that he had a brother!  David swallowed his fears, "Sure, let's go see him."

          At the youth center, the five Power Rangers sat around the table discussing their summer plans.  Adam was going to go work as a stunt double for a studio in Los Angeles.  Kat was going home to Australia to visit her family.  Ashley was going to stay in Angel Grove and spend her summer doing absolutely nothing.  Billy secretly wanted to go to Aquatar to see Cestria.  Instead he had decided to take a few college classes over the summer to get a few class hours out of the way.  Zhane was going to teach a rock climbing/rappelling class at a nearby Boy Scout camp.  No one knew what David was going to do. Would he stay at the Power Chamber?  Teach martial arts to the little kids at the Youth Center?  No one knew, but they all speculated.  At that instant, David walked into the Youth Center and over to the table where the other teens sat.  Kat stood up to let David take her seat.  She sat down on Zhane's lap and took his hand.  "What's up guys?" David asked cheerfully.  "Hey bro, what's going on.  You're awfully happy..." noticed Zhane aloud.  "Didja meet a girl?" Adam playfully poked.  "No, not at all," David said, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms.  "Oh, then what is it?" asked Ashley.  "You guys will never guess, so I'll just tell you," said David.  "I'm leaving for the Indian reservation on the outskirts of Angel Grove.  I'm going to spend the summer there." David said
nonchalantly.  "David, that's wonderful. You can
learn about your Indian heritage and background."
Billy said.  "Yep, and I get to meet my twin brother,"
David said triumphantly.  "Twin brother?" asked Kat.
Well, if he's as cute as you are, Zhane might have a
run for his money!" continued Kat playfully.   Zhane
scowled.  "Hun, I was joking with you," Kat said as
she kissed him.  Zhane smiled back at her and her
blue eyes sparkled with joy.  "Go get a room you
two!" Adam joked.  Kat rolled her eyes and stuck her
tongue out at Adam.  "You better stop rolling your
eyes at me or I'll roll them right back to you," Adam
said.  Ashley slapped Adam across his chest, "That was just cheesy, Adam."  Adam still hadn't a clue about Ashley's feelings for him, but he had mentioned Ashley a few times to Zhane, who in turn just shook his head.  He was surprised that Adam hadn't figured it out yet.  "Twin brother, huh?  Do you know his name?" asked Zhane.  "Yeah, it's Thomas Oliver.  I guess he took our mother's name when our parents divorced.  I don't think he knows about me either." David said matter-of-factly.  "Well, I hope we get to meet him someday," said Billy.  "I'm sure you will.  I'm leaving today and I came to say goodbye." David said as he stood.  "It's not goodbye, it's I'll see you later." Zhane said as he and David punched each others fist in a brotherly fashion.  Adam did the same and Billy shook hands with him.  David nodded to the girls, like a hatless cowboy.  "May the power protect you bro." Zhane said as David walked away grinning.  "You guys be careful, alright?" he told his teammates.  "Take care David," Kat said as he walked out the door.  "Well, I would have never guessed that." Adam said to the others.  "Me neither," replied Ashley.  "I hope that he and his brother get along.  I'm sure it will be weird for the both of them." said Kat.  "You know, I'm going to miss you," Zhane said to Kat.  "I know you will," Kat said in return to Zhane then kissed him on the lips.  "Oh brother," said Adam, as the other two broke into laughter.

          Slinging his bag over his shoulder, David walked out of his room and then turned back around.  His communicator sat there by the lamp.  He stared at it and wondered if he should take it, after all, he had sixteen years to catch up on with his brother and only two months to do it in.  Deciding that he might be needed at the Power Chamber on a whim, he strapped the silver and green banded communicator to his left wrist which covered the tan line that the communicator had caused in the first place.  Adjusting his backpack, he walked out of the house toward his dad's pickup truck.  His father was sitting in the passenger seat.  "Ready to go?" his dad asked.  David nodded and they backed out of the driveway of their home to make the long trek to the Reservation that sat on the outskirts of town.

To be continued. . .