Chapter 14: Turning of the Tide

July 16th, 1996

          Adam flew through the air, his legs kicking out of control as his body spun like a top.  The teen's limber body broke through a brick wall and he rolled to a stop in the soft sand on the other side.  "CUT!" a man in sunglasses cried.  The short round man waddled toward Adam and tossed his scarf around his neck as he approached.  "No, No, No, No!" the man said as he stood above the teen, his arms crossed and his greased mustache pointing to the sky.  "That, Mr. Park, is not how it is to be done!" he yelled as he threw down his clipboard and stomped on it.  Adam stood up and dusted off his costume.  He was dressed as an Egyptian warrior for the upcoming movie, Set's Revenge.  Adam scowled at the director, who was now panting from his overexurtion.  "Ok, ok people, take five!" the pudgy man yelled into his megaphone.  Adam began to walk towards one of the rest areas. "No, no, no, not you Park, get over here!" the director yelled at Adam.  Adam grabbed a bottle of water and followed him.  The little man sat in his chair.  The name Tone' was embroidered on its back rest.  "Adam, my boy...let me tell you something..."  'Oh, goody!' Adam thought to himself, while squeezing water into his mouth from the sports bottle.  "Adam, you kick your legs far too much and the spinning of your body is...much to slow." Tone' instructed.  Adam smiled and then nodded at his boss.  "Let me give it another shot," Adam said deftly.  He knew all too well that the little man signed his paycheck.  Adam turned and walked away as Tone' held the megaphone into the air, "All right people, let's reset...everyone back to one!"

          In a matter of moments everyone was ready.  Tone' raised his megaphone and yelled, "Action!"  Adam leaned his body sideways, dodged a rubber spear, and then grabbed it from his attacker.  Swinging it around, he held the spearhead to his attacker's throat.  The stuntman did a back-hand spring and knocked the spear out of Adam's hands.  The stunt performer swung hands around in a arc and proceeded to shoot an imaginary energy blast at Adam.  Adam began his spin into the brick wall, breaking through and landing in the soft sand on the other side.  "Cut!  Adam, my boy, that was perfect!" the director yelled into his megaphone.  The other stuntman helped Adam up and in unison they dusted off their costumes.  Tone' hobbled over to Adam and clapped his hands together, "Excellent son, excellent!"  Tone' then turned and blared through his megaphone, "Ok people...that's a wrap for today!"  Tone' turned and waved back at Adam, "Good work again my boy.  Couldn't have done it better myself."  Adam smirked while collecting his things.  "You couldn't have done it at all." he said to himself.  He then made his way to the stunt double's quarters to retire for the evening.

          After a hot shower and a small meal of scalloped potatoes and stewed beef, Adam laid down on his bed.  He stared up at the bottom of the bed where his bunkmate was sleeping.  'Cripes, this dude's snoring is almost as loud as Tone' and that stupid megaphone.' Adam thought to himself.  He reached under the bed and pulled his bag out.  He unzipped it and fished around inside until he found his CD player and wallet.  He placed the headphones over his damp hair and pressed the 'play' button.  The song 'Everything you Want', by Vertical Horizon came on.  He had the song on auto memory repeat because it was his favorite and it reminded him of Ashley.  He wondered what she was doing right now and envisioned her sleeping in her bed.  Smiling, he rolled over on his stomach and opened his wallet.  Hidden in the bill fold was a picture of the gang.  He kept the picture folded so that only Ashley and himself were visible.  The picture was taken in the park at a picnic table only a few weeks before everyone split up for the summer.  He missed his friends and was looking forward to the shoot coming to an end.  Adam rolled over onto his back again and drifted off to sleep.

          At 6:00 a.m. Adam woke up and began his morning routine.  The production team had chosen a small remote island for the location shoot and Adam enjoyed jogging around the perimeter every morning.  After completing his run, Adam grabbed a quick shower and got into his costume for another day of shooting.  At precisely 7:30, Tone' opened the door to wake the other stuntmen.  Adam had already beaten him to it and just grinned as the chubby director turned and shuffled away.  "Sorry to spoil your fun this morning, Tone' my boy!" Adam mocked in a faux Italian voice.  The other stuntmen laughed at Adam's mockery.

          As Adam and the other six stuntmen made their way towards the set, they were intercepted by Holly, one of the production assistants.
"Sorry guys...the shoots been postponed for the day.
Looks like were in for some bad weather today."
Adam looked up and watched as the sky turned dark
and it began to rain. 'What the heck is going on?
There wasn't a cloud in the sky an hour ago,' he
thought to himself.  Just then the island began to
rumble.  Adam ran towards the shore and stopped
dead.  Off in the horizon, a growing mountain of water
was quickly approaching the small island.  Adam
instinctively reached for his morpher, but it was in the
duffle bag under his bed.  He turned and ran back
towards the camp.  By the time Adam reached the
base camp, the entire film crew was in a panic.  They had just received word from the Coast Guard that the tidal wave would reach the island in about two minutes.  Adam darted into his room and dumped out the contents of his bag onto the bed.  Grabbing his morpher and holding it out, Adam cried...

"It's Morphin' Time...Mastodon!"

The Black DinoRanger ran out of the building and found DinoRed standing in front of him.  Dumbfounded, Adam looked around and saw that the entire crew was gone, "Where is everybody?"  "Alpha initiated an emergency mass-teleport...everyone's safe," Zhane replied.  "We need to go now...Billy and Ashley are going to need a hand," the Red Ranger finished.  "Zhane...what the hell's going on?" Adam asked in a panic.  "Sorry bro, no time to explain." Zhane placed his hand on Adam's shoulder and the two teleported away just as the tidal wave smashed into the island.

To be continued. . .