Chapter 15: The Vision

July 17th, 1996

          Kat lay quietly on her red towel with her eyes closed.  Her blonde hair was in a makeshift ponytail, held up by a pen that she had found in her backpack.  She had been back home in Australia for about three weeks and was working on her tan.  Unfortunately, her light colored skin caused her to do more burning than tanning.  She lay on the coast near the ocean and the water's cool waves gently lapped at her bare feet.  She was trying to take her mind off of Zhane.  He hadn't written or called in about a week.  Sighing, she told herself, "He must just be busy with things at the scout camp."  Sighing once more, the beautiful blonde pouted a bit but soon forgot about her boyfriend as her mind began to drift. "David sure is mysterious," Kat said to herself.  She wondered if David's twin, Thomas, was anything like David...moody, quiet, with a bit of a bad boy attitude.  She had read somewhere that identical twins were often very different as far as likes and dislikes, attitudes, and general thoughts and feelings.  "I can't wait to meet him," Kat said, talking to herself again.  Kat thought back to the beginning when she and Zhane became a couple.  She realized that not once had he told her that he loved her, but she knew he did deep down somewhere.  Kat knew it was selfish, but she was bothered by the fact that she always came second to Allison.  She knew that the memory of Allison was keeping Zhane from expressing his true feelings for her.  Zhane had never talked about Allison to Kat, or to any of the other Rangers.  She had found out accidentally when she was looking for Zhane and couldn't pick him up on her communicator.  On a whim, Kat teleported to the Power Chamber and Alpha let it slip that Zhane had teleported to Florida to visit Allison's grave.  After some speculation and a little research, she was able to put the pieces together.  Kat turned over on her stomach, crossed her arms, and turned her head, and resting it against them.  Yawning, the blonde Aussie closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

          Kat stood up and dusted off her blue jeans.  Surveying her surroundings, the girl tossed her hair behind her and walked forward through the dense trees that lay ahead of her.  With no apparent path in sight, she walked cautiously.  Leaves crunched beneath the heels of her hiking boots.  "Where am I?" Kat said to herself, her voice barely cutting through the sound of the chirping crickets.  Occasionally, she could see the tiny blips of fireflies around her.  Following them the best that she could in the darkness, she came upon a stream.  She knelt down and put her hand in the water to splash her face with its coolness, but she found the water was hot.  She pulled her hand back quickly and was astonished to see the water begin to boil.  Knitting her brows together in confusion, Kat slowly stood up.  She put her hands on her hips and began to look upstream for a place to cross.  "It's so hot." Kat said to herself, wiping her forehead with the sleeve of her pink flannel shirt.  She smelled smoke and turned to see a red glow growing in the distance.  "The forest is on fire!" the teenage girl exclaimed.  Instinctively, she held her left arm up to her mouth to use her communicator, but discovered that it wasn't there.  "My communicator!" Kat cried.  She frantically searched her pockets for it.  Not finding it, she searched for her morpher.  Slapping her hands down by her side, she exhaled nervously; "My morpher is gone too!"  She watched as the blaze drew closer to her.  Tears began to roll down her cheeks.  She turned her face toward the stream and watched in horror as the torn and bloody form of the Red DinoRanger floated down stream.  The lifeless body stopped before her.  She screamed and buried her face in her hands then fell to the ground.  "Zhane! Oh Zhane"  Kat continued to cry.  Sobbing still, she reached over to pull the Ranger out of the water.  She removed the helmet and screamed once more when she found only a skull under it.  She dropped the helmet and the body, then backed up and held her hands over her face.  Her back began to warm and she turned around.  The fire was now dangerously close to her form.   She turned back toward the skeleton and in a blind rage of frustration and fear, she kicked it into the water.  Upon contact, the boiling water evaporated and the trees on the far side of the creek that were not affected by the fire begin to wilt and grow limp.  She ran across the dry creek bed and desperately tried to escape the fire.  As she
passed the Red Ranger's skeleton, its gloved hand
reached up and tripped her.  She fell face first and
rolled over on her back and looked up.  The skeleton
ranger now stood above her.  Not even able to scream
now, Kat crossed her arms over her face.  The skeleton
picked her up by the throat and drew the grotesque
version of a Blade Blaster that was hanging on its belt.
Switching it to blade mode, the skeleton warrior
shoved the blade into Kat's stomach.  Her lifeless body
dropped to the ground.  The skeleton walked away and disappeared into the night.

          Kat's body writhed and stirred on the beach.  She awoke with a start, her body pouring sweat.  She exhaled and reached for her stomach.  Feeling that everything was ok, she sat up.  Her eyes opened wide, "Zhane...Zhane needs me!" Kat exclaimed.  She reached for her bag and dug around for her communicator, but it wasn't there.  "I left it at the house!" Kat spoke to herself while standing up to run home.  She burst into the house, ran upstairs to her room, and pulled her communicator out of a dresser drawer.  She quickly put it on and punched the small button that would teleport her to the Power Chamber.  In a brilliant pink flash of light, she found herself standing in the center of the Power Chamber.  Alpha stepped back in surprise at the sudden arrival of the Pink Ranger.  "Ai yi yi Kat!  You startled me!" the little robot announced.  "Sorry Alpha," Kat apologized to the frightened automaton.  Alpha quickly returned to his post in front of a monitor.  Kat could see that there was a fire displayed on the screen.  Just then Zhane's voice poured in through a speaker, "ALPHA! GET US OUT OF HERE! NOW!"  Alpha touched a button and teleported Zhane and the three scouts out of the blaze just as a huge burning oak fell to the ground where they had been standing.  Kat looked up at Zordon in a panic, "Zordon, what's going on?  Is Zhane all right?"  Zordon looked down at her, "Kat, please do not worry...Zhane is just fine."  Zordon noticed that his Pink Ranger was quite shaken.  "What is the matter Kat?" he inquired.  Kat took a deep breath and began to tell Zordon about her dream.  Kat had only managed to get a few sentences out when the alarm in the Power Chamber went off.  Alpha turned to face another monitor, "Ai yi yi Zordon!  Our computers show a tidal wave forming.  At it's current trajectory and speed, it will reach a small inhabited island in a matter of minutes."  "Alpha, how many people are on the island?" Zordon asked.  Alpha pushed several buttons and looked up at Zordon, "There are 132 people on the island."  Alpha looked back at his monitor, "Ai yi yi, Adam is on that island as well!" the little robot said in a panic.  "Alpha, try to reach Adam." Zordon commanded.  After a moment, Alpha replied, "I'm sorry Zordon, there is no response."  "Then please contact Zhane...there is no time to lose." Zordon continued.  Alpha pushed another series of buttons and in a matter of seconds Zhane responded, "Zhane here."  "Zhane, we need you in the Power Chamber right away!" Zordon instructed.  With that, Zhane appeared in a flash of red light.  Not noticing Kat, Zhane approached Zordon, "What's going on Zordon?"  As if signaled by Zhane's question, another alarm went off.  Kat ran up to a display and announced in shock, "There are tornados forming over Angel Grove!"  Zhane turned in surprise to see Kat at the computer, "Kat what are you doing here?" Zhane asked.  "There is no time for that now Rangers," Zordon interrupted the reunion.  "Alpha, establish a lock on everyone on the island except Adam and teleport them to a safe location outside of Angel Grove."  Zordon continued, "Kat, please morph, teleport to their location, and keep everyone calm."  "All right Zordon." Kat replied, looking over at Zhane for some sign that he had missed her and finding none.  She held out her Morpher...

It's morphin' time...Pterodactyl!"

          With that, the Pink DinoRanger placed one hand on her morpher buckle and the other into the air and teleported to where Alpha had moved the film crew.  Alpha looked down at the monitor displaying several tornados that had just touched down in the center of Angel Grove.  "Zordon, the tornados are now moving through Angel Grove.  Ai yi yi, there is a day-care center directly in the path of the largest funnel.  Billy and Ashley are locked in a mutant shelter with a large group of children.  I do not believe that the structure will provide adequate protection from a tornado of this size."  Zordon looked to Zhane for a final solution.  "Zhane, go to Adam's location.  Together the two of you can help Billy and Ashley protect the children," Zordon instructed the leader of the Power Rangers.  "I will need all of you to regroup here as soon as possible," Zordon finished.  Zhane nodded at his mentor and extended his morpher...

"It's morphin time...Tyrannosaurus!"

Zhane teleported to the center of what looked like a base camp.  The rumble of the tidal wave was getting louder by the second.  The Black DinoRanger ran out of the building and found DinoRed standing in front of him.  Dumbfounded, Adam looked around and saw that the entire crew was gone.  "Where is everybody?"  "Alpha initiated an emergency mass-teleport...everyone's safe," Zhane replied.  "We need to go now...Billy and Ashley are going to need a hand," the Red Ranger finished.  "Zhane...what the hell's going on?" Adam asked in a panic.  "Sorry bro, no time to explain."  Zhane placed his hand on Adam's shoulder and the two teleported away just as the tidal wave smashed into the island.  In a blast of colored light, the Red and Black Rangers appeared in the shelter and ran towards the door.  Morphed Zhane and Adam were able to hold the door closed without any trouble.  The tornados' gale force stopped just as quickly as it had begun and the two DinoRangers let go of the door.  Billy rubbed his sore, muscle-torn arms and looked at Ashley.  She had tears in her eyes.  "Oh Billy," she cried, reaching out to hug him.  "It's going to be okay, Ash," Billy said as he rubbed her back, but he wasn't so sure.  DinoRed pushed open the shelter door.  The teens, Rangers, and a few of the other day-care workers climbed outside.  Ashley burst into tears and buried her face in Billy's shoulder, not wanting to see the damage that surrounded them.  The Red and Black Rangers quickly joined Billy and Ashley.  Zhane leaned in close to the pair and whispered to them so as not to be heard by anyone else, "Get it together guys...we need to go NOW."  Ashley quickly composed herself as the four ran out of site behind some rubble and teleported away from the devastation .

To Be Continued. . .