Chapter 16: Enter Sheeva

From his position on the balcony, Lord Zedd watched as the strange electrical storm grew at an extraordinary rate.  He wondered aloud to himself,
"If Rita didn't cause this...what's going on?  Zedd pounded his
fist on the balconies stone rail causing a section to crumble
and fall to the moon's surface below.  "I pity whoever started
this.  RITA!" Zedd called out.  Rita ran into Zedd's chamber,
"Y...yes, my lord," she stuttered.  Zedd turned away from the
storm to face her.  He was shocked to see the usually well
kept sorceress looking rather disheveled.  She held two
large books of spells, one under each arm.  "I'm going to
ask you a question now witch...and you had BETTER
have an answer." Zedd's visor began to glow a deep
red.  "Who or what is causing this storm?  I'm missing
some perfectly good destruction on Earth because of
this!"  Rita lowered her head while still maintaining
eye contact with her master.  "I have been pouring
through every book I own...I simply can't figure out what this is all about." she replied.  Zedd, in a rage, pushed over a large globe, sending it rolling down a nearby corridor.  Rita began to back out of the room so as to avoid her master's tantrum.  The storm suddenly imploded in on itself and the corresponding sonic boom shook Zedd's palace from one end to the other.  Zedd maintained his balance while Rita tumbled backwards.  Zedd turned once again to face the area that the strange storm had once occupied.  Through his visor, he could see a figure in the distance.  "Rita...get back in here." Zedd growled.  Rita approached carefully and stood next to her master.  She peered out onto the moon's surface and watched as the figure grew nearer.  She looked up at Zedd, "I have a feeling you're about to get the answer to your question."

Zedd quickly dispatched a small squad of putties to capture the trespasser.  The figure was now close enough for Zedd to see that it was a female creature with two sets of arms.  About that time, the putties reached her and were destroyed in an onslaught of punches.  The creature moved faster than anything Zedd had ever seen.  A look of worry quickly formed on Rita's face, "Uh, oh..."  "Did you see that witch?  Even the Power Rangers can't destroy my putties that fast!"  Zedd said.  He then paused long enough to decide whether or not that was a good thing.  By now the creature had entered the lower level of the palace.  Zedd grabbed his scepter and began walking down a spiral staircase to intercept the intruder.  Zedd hit the ground floor and rounded a corner.  Standing just three feet away from him was the uninvited guest.  The creature towered over Lord
Zedd by nearly a foot.  Zedd took a few steps back so that he could
look her in the eyes.  The being had strange yellow colored skin with
dark brown spots similar to a leopard.  She had four arms with three
fingers on each hand and wore a red outfit not consisting of much.
The creature had long black hair and her eyes were the color of
rubies.  She examined Zedd for a few moments and then grinned.
"You must be the great Lord Zedd."  Zedd stared at her for a moment,
"I know who I am!  Why don't you tell me who you are, so I know who
I'm about to vaporize!" Zedd growled as he pointed his scepter at her.
"My name is Sheeva and I'm here to help you destroy the Power
Rangers," the creature replied.  Zedd pulled his staff back, "Go on..."
he said intently.  Sheeva continued, "I come to you from the realm of
Outworld.  The storm that you witnessed was caused by the portal that
I used to travel here.  The stories of your attempts to conquer Earth
have traveled to my dominion, and I want to help."  "Excellent," Zedd replied.  "You are welcome to stay here in my palace.  My sorceress, Rita, will escort you to your chamber...remain there until I summon you."  Rita had been standing behind Lord Zedd for the duration of the conversation and stepped out to where Sheeva could see her.  Rita looked Sheeva up and down.  "Come on you...and don't try anything funny.  I can fry you faster than he could!" Rita announced.

After several hours of plotting, Zedd summoned Sheeva to his main chamber.  Sheeva kneeled, "How may I serve you, Lord Zedd?"  Zedd glared at Rita, "You see that Rita?  That's what your mutants lack...respect."  Sheeva stood back up to her full height as Zedd continued, "I have a small task for you.  A powerful virus has been created for the military as a biological weapon...and I want it."  Zedd grinned under his faceplate, "The virus causes a mutation when the infected creature is hurt, making it unstoppable.  You can imagine what it will do to one of Rita's mutants when the Rangers try to destroy it."  Sheeva nodded, "A formidable plan my lord.  Where can I find this virus?"  Zedd pointed toward the Earth, "There is a small underground lab in the Arclay Mountains, several miles outside of Raccoon City.  Rita will teleport you into the facility.  Once you have the virus, you will be teleported back here."  Once again Sheeva nodded, "I will not fail."  With that, Rita teleported her into the underground lab.  Sheeva found herself standing
in the middle of a white hallway.  There were several
doors to her left, so she entered the first.  In front of
her was a large glass refrigeration case filled with
tubes of green liquid.  Each was labeled 'T-virus'.  She
opened the glass door and reached inside, grabbing
several of the tubes.  Having accomplished Zedd's
task, she exited the room and stopped.  In front of her
was a large green reptile like creature.  It stood
upright and had large claws on either hand.  The
strange animal charged at her.  Sheeva quickly
prepared to defend herself, but was teleported back
into Zedd's main chamber by Rita.  Suddenly facing
Zedd instead of the attacking creature, Sheeva rose
from her defensive stance and straightened herself.
"Do you have it?" Zedd asked.  Sheeva extended her hand and opened it, revealing three tubes of the 'T-virus'.  Zedd quickly grabbed them and handed the tubes to Rita who promptly exited the room.  Zedd turned back to Sheeva, "You have done well.  Return to your quarters until I summon you." Zedd commanded.  Sheeva nodded and left the main chamber.  As soon as Sheeva  was out of site, Zedd began walking down the opposite hallway toward Rita's library.  He reached her door and entered.  "Are things underway?" Zedd asked.  Rita looked up from one of her spell books and smiled, "Nearly my lord.  I have the perfect mutant to infect with the virus."  "Excellent!" Zedd replied with a growl, "And when the time comes, I'll use Sheeva to finish the Power Rangers once and for all!"

Sheeva locked the door to her room and pulled a small black crystal out of a leather pouch that was attached to her belt.  She held the crystal in her hand and extended her arm.  The crystal began to glow.  A semi-transparent figure of a caped man appeared directly over the black stone.  "Shao Kahn, everything is going according to plan." Sheeva reported.  "Excellent Sheeva.  Lord Zedd is the perfect pawn in my plan to take over the Earth realm," replied Kahn,  "And this time, the tournament isn't even an issue!"

To be continued...
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