In a blast of colored light, Billy, Ashley, Adam, and Zhane appeared in the center of the Power Chamber.  Adam and Zhane both stepped forward and in unison said, "Power Down."  The Rangers were showered in a red and black glow as their suits returned to their glass cases.  "Alpha, contact Kat and ask her to return to the Power Chamber as soon as possible!" commanded Zordon.  The little robot complied and after a few moments, Kat appeared and powered down as well.  Zhane nodded at Kat and then looked to Zordon for answers.  "Rangers, Alpha and I have been able to ascertain that a magnetic disturbance originating on the moon was responsible for the natural disasters we all just witnessed.  We can only assume at this point, that it was caused by Lord Zedd." Zordon explained.  "What's our next course of action?" asked Zhane.  "Alpha and I will devise a plan to defend against further attacks of this nature.  Billy will remain behind to assist us.  The rest of you should return home.  We will contact you if there is any sign of movement on the moon." finished Zordon.  "Sounds like we can't do anything else right now anyway," Zhane agreed.  Without another word, he raised his communicator, tapped a button, and teleported back to the Scout camp.  Shocked at seeing Zhane leave without saying goodbye, tears welled up in Kat's eyes as she teleported away.  Adam walked over to Ashley who was still clearly shaken by the tornado.  To her surprise, he extended his hand and smiled at her, "I missed you."  With a look of utter confusion, she took his hand and they teleported away.  Witnessing what had just taken place between his two friends, Billy grinned at Alpha, "It's about time he got up the nerve to do that."

Inside of Zedd's palace, Rita mixed several strange smelling liquids into her cauldron and then emptied a vile of the T-virus into the bubbling mixture.  She then looked toward an open spell book and began to chant a summoning spell.  A billow of foul-smelling black smoke began to rise from the cauldron and collect in
the center of the room.  The sorceress raised her hands into the air, and with the final words of the spell spoken, the cloud vanished leaving behind a large armored creature with long horns extending from his helmeted head.  He carried a broadsword in each of his scaled red hands.  "I am Ragnar, the Black Knight of Ashnod, and I am at your service mistress,” he boomed as he lowered his head.  “Excellent, follow me.” Rita commanded as she ran out of her library and toward Zedd’s main chamber.  Zedd looked up to see the huge creature following
Rita into the room.  “Is this it?” Zedd asked as he reached for his staff.  “Yes, my lord...this is the Kni...” before Rita could finish her sentence, Zedd blasted Ragnar with a bolt of energy from his staff.  The Knight flew back into a stone wall and then stumbled to the floor.  Blood began to trickle from the inside of the armor.  The metal plates on the Knight's back began to split apart.  Zedd watched in delight as the T-virus reacted to the Knight's injuries and caused him to mutate and become stronger.  Ragnar stood up as a line of spikes formed on his back.  An evil grin formed behind Zedd's face plate, “We did it witch, every time one of those blasted Rangers hits this creature...”  “My name is Ragnar...” the Knight interrupted.  “Don’t presume to speak to me!” Lord Zedd roared.  “Earn my respect by destroying the Power Rangers...THEN we’ll talk!”  “As you wish my lord.” replied Ragnar, backing away.  Rita pointed her staff at the Knight and with a flash of lightening, he was gone.  Ragnar appeared in the parking lot of a busy shopping center and swung one of his swords at a nearby car.  The blade sliced through the parked vehicle as if it wasn’t even there.  The evil Knight sheathed the sword and aimed his now glowing hand at another car.  A bolt of energy flew from the Knight's outstretched arm and impacted with the vehicle causing it to explode.  The mass of twisted metal flew through the air and crashed into several other cars.

Sirens blared inside the Power Chamber.  Billy looked up from what he was doing just in time to see the armored creature grabbing an innocent man.  “Oh my god!” cried Billy, as he ran over to the monitor.  He watched in horror as the creature snapped the man's neck and threw his lifeless body to the ground.  “Rangers...come face Ragnar...your death bringer!” the Knight roared, as he grabbed another innocent and flung her into a wall thirty feet away.  “Call the other Rangers NOW!!!” yelled Billy, as he pulled out his morpher...

“It’s Morphin’ Time...Triceratops!”

In a blast of light the Blue DinoRanger appeared in front of Ragnar.  DinoBlue immediately charged at the Knight.  Billy drew his BladeBlaster and fired.  Ragnar was showered in a barrage of laser fire.  The other four Rangers appeared in time to see the creature stumbling backward and dropping to the ground on one knee.  Before the black Knight could rise, DinoBlue had drawn his lance and charged at Ragnar.  The Red DinoRanger had never seen this level of ferocity  from Billy.  At that moment, he noticed the motionless bodies of the two innocents the Knight had slain and he understood.  The end of DinoBlue’s lance pierced the armor plate on Ragnar’s chest.  With a final howl of pain, the Knight fell to the ground.  The Blue DinoRanger kicked the fallen creature over onto his back and pulled the lance out of the monster.  Billy fell to his knees, “I couldn’t save them...I wasn’t fast enough...”  “Don’t do this to yourself bro.  There isn’t any one of us that could have done any better.” Zhane said as he approached Billy.  “Plus think about all the people you saved by getting here and stopping this thing as fast as you did.” added Ashley.  Billy looked up at his friends as he felt a hand tightening around his neck.  Ragnar threw the Blue DinoRanger to the side and stood up.  The other Rangers watched in disbelief as the gaping wound in the Knight's chest closed.  The Black DinoRanger rushed over to Billy and helped him up.  As the creature's arms nearly doubled in size, long claws formed on Ragnar’s left hand.  He swung at DinoPink, sending her into a tree.  The remaining four Rangers rushed at the evil Knight and in a matter of seconds were sent flying in the opposite direction.

Watching from his palace on the moon, Zedd let out a horrific laugh rejoicing in what was certainly the Rangers final moments.  "Rita, make him grow!" Zedd commanded.  Rita quickly complied, sending a bolt of white energy from her staff straight into Ragnar.  The Rangers scrambled out of the way and watched as the Knight began to grow larger.  Knowing what they needed to do next, the Ranger team held their hands to the sky and called out, "DinoZords, Arise!"  As the DinoZords arrived, the Rangers leapt into their cockpits.  Zhane quickly called out, "Let's bring them together guys...DinoMegaZord sequence, initiate!"  A computerized voice replied, "DinoMegaZord sequence has been initiated."  The Zords transformed and combined together.  "DinoMegaZord, activated." finished the computer voice.  As he piloted the MegaZord toward Ragnar, all Zhane could think about was how badly he wished David were there to help.  Without delay, the rangers summoned their DinoSword.  The huge broadsword penetrated the sky with a sonic boom and stuck into the ground directly in front of the DinoMegaZord.  The enormous robot grabbed the sword and held it in his hand.  Ragnar ran at the MegaZord, swinging his sword
wildly.  The Ranger team had only a moment to prepare as the Knight's sword broke through the torso of the MegaZord, disabling both the Tyrannosaurus and Pterodactyl.  As the DinoMegaZord hit the ground, all five Zords disengaged.  The two damaged Zords were completely helpless.  Their power systems had shut down.  In an act of desperation, Zhane inserted the Dragon coin into his Morpher Buckle and called for the Dragon Shield.  While the Triceratops, Sabre-Toothed Tiger, and Mastodon Zords distracted Ragnar, Zhane drew the Dragon Dagger from it's sheath and played the notes to summon the DragonZord.  The dormant DragonZord awoke, breaking through the water's surface.  The moment it arrived, the Dragon
began firing missiles at the Knight.  The resulting blast sent Ragnar immediately to the ground.  Zhane quickly called out, "MegaDragonZord now!"  The remaining three Zords combined with the DragonZord and prepared to fight.  Ragnar got up and ran at the MegaZord.  This time the Rangers were ready for his attack and swung the MegaDragonZord’s staff  at the Knight's left side.  The blade of the staff impacted with Ragnar’s arm, sending him back to the ground.

Zordon and Alpha monitored Ragnar's vital signs from the Power Chamber.  They watched as he returned to his feet, unharmed.  The evil Knight's arm quickly healed itself and several long tentacles grew out of his shoulder.  "Alpha, summon Titanus!  The Rangers are in trouble!" commanded  Zordon from his tube.  The mighty Brachiosaurus rose from the ground.  Titanus quickly transformed into his Carrier Mode.  The Zord's tail split in two and formed cannons.  “Titanus, lock on and fire!" the five rangers cried out from the MegaDragonZord’s cockpit.  The resulting blast would have destroyed any of Zedd’s mutants, but Ragnar plowed through the fire as if it were nothing.  The evil Knight swung his broadsword at the Brachiosaur’s cannons and then up into the Zord's neck.  The ensuing explosion completely disabled Titanus.  Ragnar then turned his attention toward the
MegaDragonZord, launching bolts of pure energy from both hands.  Upon impact, an electrical fire ignited within the Sabre-Toothed Tiger and it lost power as well.  The MegaZord crashed to the ground, unable to stand with only one operational leg.  Before the creature could do any further damage, the Rangers cried out "DinoZords, Retreat!"  The remaining Zords hastily disengaged and returned to their holding docks.  While Titanus, the Tyrannosaurus, Saber-Toothed Tiger, and Pterodactyl Zords were teleported away from the scene.  The Rangers appeared in the center of the Power Chamber facing a tall man with long white hair wearing white robes.  His eyes sparked with static electricity.  “Hello Rangers...” the man started.  With a smile, he introduced himself, “I am Lord Rayden, protector of the Earth Realm.”
To Be Continued...
Chapter 17 - Death to the Power Rangers